Postal and Telephone Scams

I have not had anything to say in a blog before but I have recently been helping a relative who has been subject to all sorts of scams, from lottery scams to telephone scams. Now there is lots of information on the web about scams but not much on how to stop the deluge of letters coming through the door. If anyone knows different please tell me.

The first thing I think is, for all concerned not to think that “falling for a scam” is some sort of weakness. Yes some victims may be old and easily led but I can see how someone on their own could easily be led into parting with say £20 on the first scam and then that’s it, the deluge and tricks start. But more on that later.

It was a chance comment which led the family to know that this relative was spending money on what sounded like scams and a visit the next day to the relative confirmed it, indeed they were on the telephone agreeing to send £600 from their home in England to someone in Kingston Jamaica ! Surrounding them were piles of letters and lottery and other scams and notes in their own handwriting of names and telephone numbers and amounts of money etc. This brings us to the first issue. How do you know if an elderly relative, yes anyone 60 plus is a target, is getting and responding to scams. One thing I’m getting to know is the Postman does, he delivers it and it is likely the Post Office counter clerk suspects as he or she will accept “Money Grams” Other than being watchful when you visit or talk to a relative or friend I’m not sure how else you find out. Any thoughts on this I would welcome.

The first thing I did was to convince them is was all scams. That was not difficult, there is plenty on the web to show about scams and to be honest some I made up ! Having said that it wasn’t that easy as when leaving their house with all the post, in a box they were still saying “I think that one on top is genuine”

My course of action was to remove all the post. That I did and within two days as I had convinced them they were scams BUT I had to reassure them I would check them all out on the web in case any were genuine. Then I made arrangements to take their phone out of action and change the number, making it “number withheld” and ex directory. I was lucky here but if your are following this as way of helping someone then remember when telling the close family your relative new telephone number tell any member of the family with the same surname not to let any callers they don’t know have the relative new number. As I said I was lucky as the scammers rang the relatives brother some 100 miles away, but they thought they were speaking to the victim at his new address !

After the telephone I made arrangements to redirect their post to my home. In the meantime I would collect the post daily.

Whilst this was going on I searched on the web for any help I could find and I have not found a lot. Yes plenty of advice, like don’t fall for these scams, but not much on how to stop them. A call to the Office of Fair Trading and a lodge of a complaint only brought a telephone call from the local trading standard officer asking if I wanted to take part in a survey.

In the next bit I’m going to put on this blog is some of the research and findings so far and if anyone lives in Radstock, UK you could play a part. I will also discuss the so called “Federal Bureau of Consumers Affairs for the US Government, maam” or that is how they answer the phone in Manchester UK

Perhaps before I go into detail I ought to outline the nature of these scams. I suppose I have to say that they may be legal but I’m not a lawyer, but if they are they must operate on the fringe of legality however, I think all would agree the way they sell is totally wrong and without scruples. They all carry the same message “Congratulation you may have won and a £xx million prize may await you” and then go on to ask for an administration fee or release fee of anything from £10 to £30. What most of them don’t tell you is probably you won a piece of jewellery worth only pennies or indeed won nothing at all. In reality you will properly get nothing but as you would have been bombarded with so many letters in totally different envelopes, return address’s and company names, you will not recall to whom you sent money and how much, so will have no idea if you got a prize. That’s where the second tool in their armoury comes in “Confusion” You will quickly get fifty of these letters a day with up so six from the same source but all in totally different envelopes, in design and layout and it would take a computer and dedication to keep track of them. Trust me I’ve been doing it!

So fifty letters a day just ignore them you say. That’s easier said than done as you will see. But it gets worse by replying to the first letter you quickly begin to get fifty letters and your name progresses to end up on the “Mugs” list. This “list” the various companies sell to other companies and in turn buy theirs. Once you are on these lists you are open to the totally illegal scams and here were talking telephone calls and requests for large sums of money to be sent to various “agents” around the world. Theses guys operate by phone and fax and therefore little evidence of their operation, but they are clever. Now you may recall in the case I’m dealing with I changed the number so the old number is no longer valid. You think that would be the end of it but no the scammers desperate to continue their scam, rang a relative with the same surname some 100 miles away trying to make contact. So take care if you are following this and have changed say a relative number warn other family members not to reveal it to unknown enquires on the phone

So how does this all start? It could be a random first lottery letter (let continue to call them scam letters). The scammer’s (the organization behind this) probably use such things as the Acorn code for the postcode. Acorn codes (or there are similar codes) are used by most marketing companies to target their direct mail to the right “social economic group” Marketing companies know that there is not point directing marketing mail or door mail drops, say about nappies to a postcode area which is predominantly middle aged. Likewise a lottery scam letter would be wasted sent to an housing area populated in the main, by newly married couples with young families for obvious reasons (they will not have the time or money to spare) far better to target an area which is mainly older people who have the time, in deed perhaps like reading the post, most of us don’t have time to read and perhaps they have the odd few pounds to spare. So you see even random scams are not !

Now consider you have an office in the UK (or an Agent and we will look at this later) and an office in say the united states. The office in the states sends random letters to various selective postcodes using Acorn codes and the reply envelopes uses the UK address, very convenient to process UK cheques. But in the office is say someone who is scanning the newspapers looking for any articles or notices that could indicate an older person is vulnerable it could be an article celebrating a golden wedding, coming out of hospital after a fall or perhaps the best one to find a bereavement of a spouse. Anything that shows the age or vulnerability will be useful and sadly older people on their own are more vulnerable. We all, at times need a “Critical friend” to keep us on the path !

So you reply to the so called random letter and now they have got you and the switch is turned-on for you to get the full might of their printing presses. Now each day, different coloured envelopes arrive all in different styles, different names etc as I outlined earlier. You are caught!

The arrival of the post is relentless. One or two scams start are complemented by a letter from a Physic which starts by saying “I know you and your family have problems and I see a light at the end of the tunnel for you and you will soon get good fortune” They have the check to add at the bottom a request for a financial contribution to allow them to keep up their good work!

Then there are the letters which start “I’m worried about you as you have not cashed our cheque for £750 but don’t give up “ and then those that you have not replied to, you get “Notice of Withdrawal” to teach you a lesson for not replying. The final tool I suspect is if you go quit and don’t reply to any of the company letters is a cheque for 60p arrives not only does it tempt you, but when you cash it they know you are still there.

The vast number of letters makes it very confusing to work out what letter comes from where and hence whom to write to get names taken off the database. Now I’m not yet certain the way I have sorted them has not got flaws but it has so far linked mailing together extremely well. What I have done is to sort them and match them using the mailing licence number. This number is shown on the right hand top corner of the envelope where you would normally put the stamp. In the UK it shows usually a big “2” for second class and in the box a number like “HQ 16320” this is the licence number given to the sender under which they are authorised to send the letter without a stamp. It’s like “franking” but for bigger organization that operate large mail shots. The USA, Canada and Hong Kong operate a similar system however Australia and others do not they don’t seem to insist of the Licence number being shown.

UK Address, Agents in UK and Postcodes

The other check I have performed is to look at the return envelopes i.e. where they want you to send your money, which are in the main UK address. The envelope start with much higher percentage of “Suite No” an expression we don’t use much is this country but that is just a casual observation but does give an indication avoid scam which use “Suite No”.

I had thought the UK address given would be a small office for the scammers but alas after looking at many I believe they are all (so far) addresses of mailing Agents. I have used the Post code to search the Post Office web site to find who the Post code is linked to. One needs to understand that not all post codes point to a “group” of address’s like our own domestic postcodes do. If you are a large company or a company with a large incoming post you can apply to the post office for a unique postcode. This of course the Post Office welcome because it makes sorting and delivery much easier

So far I have identified the following companies in the UK which are acting as agents and have indexed them to the sender Licence Number

Care4Mail Ltd
According to the Trading Standards office who would not give me any details this company is under investigation by the Serious Fraud Squad. It uses licences:-

5707 1 5696 7249463 5713 4129

Mail boxes Ltd
7026698 5800

Admail Ltd


JEM Marketing Ltd

The Details
Now listed below are the various licences number and details I have come across and the various addresses’ they use.

This organizations has the following address

In the UK
4 Old Down, Emborough, BA3 4FG (note this address in preceded by Suite No 3 and the various companies names)

In the USA
North American Headquarters, PO box 11046, Fort Lauderdale FL 33339,

PO Box 98857 Las Vegas, NV 89193-8857
PO Box 219958, Kansas City Missouri 64121 9958
Po Box 169009 Kansas City, MO 64116-9009
PO Box 2904, Kansas City, KS 6610-2904

The address operate the following names

EBPR or European Prize Draw Agency

PAWE or Prize Agency of Western Europe

National Awards Commission

Awards Notification Commission

United Kingdom Prize Draw Registry

The company directs some of the replies to the US and some to the UK address

Note this is Agent as 5707 and 1 below and 7249463 and 5713.

In the UK
16 Coombend, Radstock, BA3 3BN (Preceded by Suite 132 Unit 6) Note Goggle Earth can’t find a 3BN but this could be because it has been allocated to a large mail user and this is confirmed by the Post Office who shows the address as 16 Coombend and the company as Care4Mail Ltd

In the USA

PO Box 521750, Miami, FL33512-1750

The address operates the following names:-

WWW or Worldwide Awards Authority

Global Cash Registry

UPU or United Prize Union

Riches Registry (This is a newsletter listing on the draws you can apply to on the Web!)

Don’t have the envelope (So for record purpose I have allocated this number 1)

UK address
Suite 50 Unit 4 Old Down Business Park, Emborough Radstock, BA3 4FG (This postcode has been allocated to Care4Mail Ltd and therefore links all 5707 5696 and 1 as probably acting as agent

US Address unknown only have Reply Envelopes to Radstock


Overstock Prize Enter

PGN Delivery Directive

This number is suspiciously close to 5707

UK Address


USA Address

Unknown but all bears a US posted mark form Las Vegas

Main Address

Postbus 490, 2000 AL Haarlem, Netherlands


International Prize Agency

Global Monetary Resource

Inerter national Prize Authority

Intercontinental Prize Agency

Intercontinental First

International Prize Authority

UK Address

Suite 35 Silk House, Park Green, Macclesfield, SK11 7QJ (sometimes addressed Davenport @ Associates) This Postcode belongs to Mail Boxes Etc Ltd.

PO Box 9823, Brentwood, CM14 9DT (also Box 922)

Po Box 336, Sevenoaks, TN13 9FJ (This postcode belongs to Admail 4 International Ltd)

Canada Address
Box 3300, Fort Langley, BC VIM 4E8 Canada

PO Box 305, 5010 48th Avenue, Delta, BC Canada, V4K 3Y3

PO Box 2500 Fort Langley BC Canada V1M 4E8

Posted from Canada

Operates under the following:-

EPS or European Prize Syndicate

Premium Prizes

Superior Lifestyles

International Treasure

Michael Huntington Premium Prizes

Asset Identification

Enigma Promotions Ltd

Prize Mastery Contest

Concord Awards

Premium Prizes

Life of Luxury

Royal Mail HQ16320
UK Address

PO Box 386, Horley, RH6 9YG. (No trace of this postcode on Royal Mail search)

Po Box 385, Horley RH6 9YD. (No trace of this postcode on Royal Mail search)

PO Box 248 Ashford, TW15 1XF. Registered to Kamino Ltd

Posted in the UK

Operates under the following:-

IDS Award

Global Award Centre


The Prize Consortium

Allied Awards

Burges & Partners

Freemantle O’Connor and Associates

First Connection

UK Address

4 Old Down Business Park, Emborough, Radstock, BA3 4FG (see 5696 and other above)

Posted in Canada

Operates under the following:-

Financial Claims Division

Premium Claims Division

Bureau Reporting Services

USA Address

PO Box 3980, Las Vegas, NV 89127-3980, USA


IPN or International Prize Network

Howard Barrett and Young

Verified Information Services

Bureau of Financial Services

Bureau of Records

Certification Bureau

Research and Notification Bureau

Document Data Services

Bureau of Audited Claims

First Class Transmittal

UK Address

16 Coombend, Radstock, BA3 3BN

US Address

Does not appear on any documents but this must be the same as 5707 see names below

Posted in the USA


United Prize Compendium

Prize Distribution Authority

World Wealth carries the logo WWW as used by 5707

This an interesting one as there is two scam in one operation. You get a letter from Tony Carr, Psychic. And surprise he tells you in a long physic way that “opportunities may open and then CLOSE very quickly, with astounding power” and offers you to pay him a fee £9.95 for one month to, in his words “to keep the bond between us activated and allow me time to devote to seeing each possible wonderful channel” Good of him to offer to return the fee “if such wonderful opportunities don’t come” but he need not worry as surprise surprise, the next envelope is also stamped under licence 4129 from Hong Kong and it is that wonderful Lottery chance at only £29.97 but if you did not see it in the post that don’t worry as the next few letters also offer similar opportunities, all different prize funds but from the same place.

Here is the UK Address for Mr Carr

Anthony Carr, J.E.M House, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8TT (note this postcode is allocated to JEM Marketing, JEM House, Little Mead Industrial Estate, Cranleigh GU6 8TT, how did I know, I’m Physic !

For the lottery they use this UK address

3 Westfield Court, Westfield, Midsomer Norton, BA3 4AG, (and this postcode is allocated to Care4Mail Ltd, I think we have heard this name before see 5707 above) Unit 3, Third Avenue, Westfield Industrial Estate, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, BA3 4AG


Box 4, 60 Westbury Hill, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, BS9 3UJ (not investigated this address yet)

Hong Kong address

PO Box 5697 GPO Hong Kong

And they use:-

Internal Awards Treasury

Awards Determination Tribunal

Regal Jewellry Sweepstakes

On this one you can accept the benefit of a Genuine Diamond Necklace for £19.97 as well!

UK Address

Suite 32 Silk House, Park Green, Macclesfield, SK11 7QJ (Addressed Davenport @ Associates) This Postcode belongs to Mail Boxes Etc Ltd.

USA Address

725 River Road, Suite 32-166 Edgewater, NJ 07020, USA

Post Office HQ11781
No UK Address

Overseas Address

1054 Centre. St Suite 147, Thornhill ON, L4J 8EF, Canada

1-7357 Woodbine Ave, Suite 475, Markham ON, L3R 6L3 Canada.

5863 Leslie St, Suite 1217, Toronto ON, M2H 1J8, Canada

720 King Street, W, Suite 514, Toronto OM, M5V 3S5

Posted in the UK

Operates Under:-

Award Verification Bureau

Global Escrow Services

Capital Distribution Group

How to stop the letters
Well one thing that does not work is writing and asking them to remove the name and address from the database. This does not work. Neither did what I first thought was a cunning plan, and that was to mark the letters “Deceased” and put them back in the post again.  The ones I tested with this idea were redelivered and it could have been a difficult situation for my relative !

I finally hit on what I think is the best idea.  Look for an empty house in another town.  It has to be one where the house is going to be empty for a long time i.e. a house in need of major repairs or renovation.  I found such a house which I was able to confirm with the estate agents was empty and needed a builder to buy it. Double checking on this is vital as you will see later.

I got my relative to make out in their own hand a “Change of Address” card to inform the receiver that the relative had moved to the empty house.  A supply of photocopies of these cards to hand I was to send one to each of the companies as I received their letters. You can now see why the house needs to be empty.  I figure that the post would just be destroyed by builder and would dry up by the time a new occupier moved in.  The other trick would be to find a missing house number in a street but this proved more difficult.

My second idea was for any letters subsequently received to be returned them as “Gone away” This was really more of a protest against the Post Office in accepting this letter into their system; however they were all redelivered again.  Perhaps I did not delete the address clearly enough so I’m still working on this.  However, even If they are redelivered it would be my recommendation for everyone to do this as a protest to the Post Office as it would really make a point to them and pushes them to not accepting these letters from the companies.

More later…..




85 Responses to “Postal and Telephone Scams”

  1. trisha Says:

    I am also a concerned relative and am very anxious to know how best to help. I feel that this sort of thing must be stopped somehow. The trouble is getting the relative to accept that there is no shame in having been sucked in. This is very hard.

  2. Sergio Says:

    My wife has just received a letter from Davenport associates, Fort Langley, Canada, PO BOX 3000, in the above list
    Its quite intimidating in the the way it is written. I noticed in the small print on the reverse that it says the £20 fee covers admin costs in order to send you a list of sweepstakes and contests , and that they do not guarantee that you will win anything at all even though on the front of the letter it states that you have won x amounts of pounds. Surely the UK government should work to stop these people from ripping off gullible people. It actually states you are in danger of forfeiting up to £7354 in cash and prize opportunity simply by failing to record a free entry, ( even though you have to pay £20), and then states ” dont you want the money”
    I had to laugh at this, are they sooo desperate.
    Regards Sergio

  3. craige menzies Says:

    i just aslo got a letter from devenport ass.
    canada po box 3000.
    it says if i send a cheaque for £20 they will send me £7 , 354 , 841.
    with in 2 weeks.
    as if.
    i cannot belive some people fall for this.
    if people won money like this.
    it would be on the news.
    imadgan how may people would have to send there £20’s for it to add upto 7000000 and fort the firm to also make a profit.

    we never get anything for nothing.
    this is just life.

    and thank god for sites like this.

    people who do scams should be locked up.
    and its like the goverments dont give a shit, or it would not be happening.

    if i did something like this, i would be behind bars.
    so how do there ass holes get away with it?.



    I AM FROM TUN I RECIVED MENY LETTERS FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRY TELLING THAT I AM AWINNER OF DIFFERENT SOMES ( from 10.000.00 to usd ) at first i thaut it was trou and i send to them few dollars and i finich by asking my self how is the mad how accept to give millons for few us didou all wat i lost is 55 euros and i thank GOD that i find you in web to be open mind on this problem
    thankyou very much

  5. Ernone Horvath Says:

    How interesting that I could find my name here. The suspected address is just where I found you by the Google search. EPS -PO Box 3300, Fort Langley, BC VIM 4E8, CANADA They ask from me mesly 30 Euro for $3,450,750.00.
    How can you help me against theese spam owners? Never mind, I,ll find it out!

    Thank you for tellin you about it.

  6. Ernone Horvath Says:


  7. Charlotte Smith Says:

    Got the ‘Official Legal Notice’ from Davenport and Associates – thought it to good to be true, thanks for proving me right.

  8. Kathy Ambrose Says:

    I just received a letter from Las Vegas, Nevada. The Company name is Prize Notification Network and it gives a PO Box.
    On the front, I have won $725,000 US Dollars – on the back it declares I can sign up for a number of drawings, contests, etc.
    Just another scam, but I wanted to warn others of this company as I did not see it listed.
    They want an “assessed document fee of $13.00 and will rush deliver for an additional $3.00.
    This is going straight in the trash.
    The document is very official looking and could fool someone that doesn’t know it is junk.

  9. Tania Says:

    I just received a letter today from Davenport and Assoiciates PO Box 98438 Las Vegas NV 89193-8438 United states . Top of the letter says Unawarded cash and prizes Guaranteed for Payout Via Independent Audit committee……..And it goes on and on blah blah blah…. Total amount payable to me is $7,040,697 and all they want from me is $40.00 in New Zealand dollers. I Put the bit of paper that I was to return in the return envelope I wrote on it ” If I have won this amount of money without even buying a ticket well that is just great and hey you can a thousand dollers for yourself out of my winnings before you send me that cheque is a really big thank you.
    So now I guess I just sit back and wait…..

  10. Tania Says:

    I just received a letter today from Davenport and Assoiciates PO Box 98438 Las Vegas NV 89193-8438 United states . Top of the letter says Unawarded cash and prizes Guaranteed for Payout Via Independent Audit committee……..And it goes on and on blah blah blah…. Total amount payable to me is $7,040,697 and all they want from me is $40.00 in New Zealand dollers. I Put the bit of paper that I was to return in the return envelope I wrote on it ” If I have won this amount of money without even buying a ticket well that is just great and hey you can have a thousand dollers for yourself out of my winnings before you send me that cheque as a really big thank you. that should be more than enough to cover my $40.000 that I owe you
    So now I guess I just sit back and wait…..

  11. Judy Purple Says:

    Thank you for posting the information on EPS. I have received two letters at my home in NSW Australia.

    One is to EPS PO Box 3300 Fort Langley BC VIM 4E8
    CANADA requesting AUD$30 for US$3,275,634.00

    and the other from

    CWY (Carrington, Winthrop & York) PO Box 1277, HOBOKEN NJ 07030-1277
    UNITED STATES requesting AUD$30 for AUD$3,165,141.00

  12. Barbara Polischuk Says:

    This has been extremely helpful. I am assisting my friend with all the scam letters her elderly mother has been receiving. This poor woman has spent over $10,000.00 over approximately 3 months. To psychics, sweepstakes researchers and the like, from Langley BC, Canada to Chandler Arizona, USA. Lots and lots of letters with one address on the envelope and a totally different country on the return envelope. These people are cruel and heartless. Thanks so much for the info about returning letters – my friend started returning letters with return addresses but the same letters are being returned to her by the post office here in Canada.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what PNSE stands for? There are quite a few letters with “exciting” letterheads but all the ones from London, United Kingdom want cheques made out to PNSE.

    I check for two things – the return address (lots of different names all going to one return address) and who the cheque is to be made out to. Another name that keeps popping up is B&N, return address in Italy but mailed from Brastislava 090 and other places.

    I will now also be looking at the postal licensing number as well. My friend has had all her mother’s mail redirected to her and it has been over 3 months since my friend started this project. Does not replying to the mail make any difference? I have noticed that some letters state “regarding your recent reply” but I know my friend hasn’t replied to anything!

    I can’t believe this is going on in this day and age. We also got two letters for other senior citizens in the same area. Thanks Steve for explaining that they actually target a region with larger numbers of seniors, and thanks again for the information you have shared with us.

  13. Sandy White Says:

    Web post by Steve Downe was excellent research! Many of the scammers he listed I have seen sending to my 93 yr. old father who suffers from cognitive impairment / memory problems. He has lost over $5,200 to these leeches since June, 2009. I’ve been sneaking bad mail out of his apt. since Aug. 2009 when I first became aware of the scammers as my 89 yr. old mother, who has dementia, said “your father is being conned & he is a con artists dream!”
    We live in the US. So far I’ve contacted the police about Western Union money grams & they didn’t even take a written report, but said nothing can be done about it. At the time it involved $4,700 US. Thank God we got it cancelled, but he lost the transaction fees of over $260.
    One day my Dad said the phone calls started before they even got out of bed for the day (8 a.m.) & was constantly calling so the folks never had time to eat all day until they decided to leave the house at 5p.m. & go eat in a restaurant to get away from the ringing phone!
    Unfortunately, Dad won’t allow me to change their phone no. to an unlisted number, but I was able to add call rejection, call blocking & caller id. That still doesn’t stop the calls however. Even the Jamaica calls have gotten thru after I blocked the whole area code!
    Well, Dad’s story is so involved, this is only the tip of the iceburg.
    I’ve contacted the attorney generals office, postal investigations office (which so far has given me the run-around by telling me to call various phone numbers) & I’ve called the Federal Trade Commission & Crime Prevention & Adult Protective Services & have more places yet to contact. This should be a full-time job! All the boxes of mail to sort thru & researching companies on the internet to see if they are legitimate or scammers & then taking some kind of action!!
    The more people locally I’ve talked to have or know someone who has or is being scammed. It surely deserves the attention of our government & not fall into greedy hands wanting postal money!

  14. gary halliday Says:

    i have just received a letter saying ive won a large ammount but yes they want 20pound release fee i have recevied letters in the past of different companys and just binned them but for some reason this looks convincing its got to go back to the office of chairman radio city station po box 1858 new yory ny 10101-1858 united states of america there are afew numbers with it an eligibility number pre approved is 20046791087 a file referance number is tn06 2321 and also five boxes from one to nine with numbers 5 6 0 2 0 marked off its from EBPR could you tell me if this is a scam if possible or not

    • Kate Says:

      Hi Gary,
      I just received the same type of letter. It also says on it “You are sworn to secrecy, Absolutely Confidential” which raises redflags in my mind. They also ask for $30.00 US and who know for what?? There’s also other words saying, “Restrictive – Tell Nobody!” I also have the same numbers on mine as you have quoted.
      I thought it was Publisher’s Clearinghouse since I’ve sent some entries off to that, but these people do not identify themselves as that so I am hesitant to be bothered. I think this is one of those scams that Steve is talking about! I think as the economy is not going so well this will be on the increase 100 fold, so I think it is better to be very cynical with everything that comes through the mail slot and over the phone and by way of email etc. etc.
      So that is all I can add for you to your enquiry. I am going to do a bit more research online, but I am not going to reply to their letter at all. There is definately something fishy about the whole thing! Sincerely, Kate

      P.S. Thank you Steve for your website, for it is VERY helpful indeed!

  15. shari chipman Says:

    i have reiceved a letter stating that i have won $71,200, from a company called Financial Group of property Division is this just a scam also?

  16. brigette Says:

    i also received letters from all sorts telling me i have won big, i also believe astronomers are in cahoots with these companies as they also tell me i WILL COME INTO A LARGE SUM OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they all tell you same thing makes it hard to believe anything.

  17. shari chipman Says:

    I also believe astronomers may be in cahoots with them, as the same thing has recently happend to me.

  18. Geoff Barton Says:

    Just to say – Steve you have done a great job here tracking all this info down and putting it up on the web – well done!

  19. J johnson Says:

    I don’t even know how to begin because all that have been said, and that I have read is so similar to what my 72 yr old Aunt is receiving. She even believes Anthony Carr is in love with her and he is coming to take her to Canada. She tells some family memebers all these stories about how he is in love with her and Anthony sends her pictures. She prefers to sterve just so she can send money to the scams for her millions and to Anthony Carr. Her account always in the red and this happends every month. I checked her account just yesterday she is -$301 in overdraft but then she wrote a check for $300 for some millions coming for her. We are tired tired of these people. We have talked to her over and over even had a meeting but she wont listen. I don’t know what to do.

  20. shari chipman Says:

    i am now getting letters weekly saying i have won i don’t bother sending anything back , but i am so sick of getting these letters,
    its just plain cruel

  21. Kate Says:


    When I get junk mail I do what the guy on 60 minutes suggested….I fill their envelopes with other junk mail and then I send it back to them! Then they will know what it feels like to keep receiving all this crap through the mail!

    One word of CAUTION though….before you stuff the envelope remove every identifying number and name of yours so they can’t find out if you are living or not.
    I think you want to probably send some back unopened with the words “Deceased – Return to Sender” written on the front of them. You want to make sure that they think you or the person receiving the mail is no longer living on planet earth! I think then they will leave you alone! If not they probably need a bomb or something in their return envelope!

    Frankly I don’t know how people working at those places can live with themselves! They also must be crooked in their heads to be working there!

    I use to get credit card registration forms in the mail with my full name all typed on the top of them. I use to ignore them and cut them up, but then I got to thinking that these people were opening me up to a possible identity theft situation and someone else could potentially obtain a credit card with my name on it. All they would have to do then is say that “they moved” and then they will have a credit card with my name on it…..all ready to go to town and spend spend spend!

    I then started writing in big RED letters on the forms after ripping my name off of them….words such as ” Stop sending this kind of stuff through the mail, for you might open me up to identity theft etc. and someone else might start using a card with my name on it” ….after about the 4th such form doing that I no longer got any more!

    I told them off and mentioned that “if I wanted a credit card that I would go to my bank to obtain one there and NOT through the mail!”. Some of the forms I wrote swear words on such as, “You A-holes stop sending this crap through the mail”.

    I felt I had to really rip into them because they were being totally irresponsible and mailing my name on their silly credit card forms….and it would be at MY expense if something bad were to happen! So at times you have to get a big red marker out and be really mean and to the point with some of these people!

    You certainly can NOT be nice or timid for they will take advantage of that! I am normally a nice person, but I really did see red in that particular situation and so that’s what you’ve gotta do! They don’t care and they are in their habitual auto pilot type practise of sending out the junk, so you need to do something to wake them up!

    Be WISE how you do this though for some of these companies you don’t want to even let them know that you are alive! So for them just write “Deceased – Return to Sender” on them and send them back unopened. After doing that a few times I think you will get rid of them.
    I can certainly sympathize with what you are having to contend with, because I’ve been there myself and it is a stupid waste of time and a big hassle!

    So buy yourself a big red felt pen and go at it! I hope this helps you get rid of them all for good!

    Sincerely, Kate

  22. shari chipman Says:

    thanks heaps Kate for that info, i will give it a try

  23. Jan Says:

    Can any one tell me if OTEP is a scam? The address is Director of Processing, OTEP , PO Box 8689, Coral Springs, FL, 33075.

    • Valo Says:

      Hey Jan did you find anything about OTEP ? If when, please tell me the news.

    • Linda Says:

      Sept. 20th
      OTEP…..I got one of the letters stating I had just won nearly 1.5 million and yes, indeed send $20 for processing fee. The document looks very “official” other than it’s sounds too good to be true. Couldn’t find anything online for OTEP other than a rock band.
      Did you locate anything on them. I have the same address as you have above in Coral Springs, FL.
      Thanks for letting me know.

      • Gloria Says:

        I also received a letter offering me $1,463,590.00 So it is definitely a scam. I think the District Attorney from Florida should be aware of this. I am going to do it.

        Gloria Gelfand

  24. Kate Says:

    OTEP? What is that? Best look it up online and their address too, and if nothing comes back as being a legitimate business then most likely it is another scam! Remember that saying, “If it is too good to be true, then most likely it is!”
    Everyday I get emails saying that I’ve won millions, and I delete them all right away for they are from crooks! Those crooks want YOUR money! And as the economic situations in various countries worsens you will have all type sending you emails, letters, and phone calls all inorder to obtain YOUR money!
    Beware of things that are sent where there is no plain business name on the correspondence, for anyone who is operating legally will certainly give you a full business name and not just OTEP! That type of stuff signals alarm bells in my mind……don’t fall for it! Do your homework and track them down online to see who they are etc.
    Research all about them just like you would if you were hiring a new employee!

  25. Lyn Knowlton Says:

    In fact most of the mailings that we get are scams. I just recently got
    one from OTEP from Coral Springs, Florida. Saying I won!!! Yeah, Right!!!
    Just wanted to find out, who agreed with me. Thanks for posting your
    notice. In fact, I would like to know where some of these outfits, get our
    names and addresses from….
    Have a great day and read your mail carefully.

    • Valo Says:

      Hey Lyn,

      do you have the E.Mail from OTEP in your Inbox ? Or have you delected the E.mail.Because i would like to see, how the E.mail from OTEP looks like.
      I would be glad if you could send me the email.

      Or anybody here, who got a e-mail from OTEP. Please mail back guys 😀

    • Kate Says:

      Someone had mentioned that “these scammers find out where the rich older folks live and then they do a mass mailing out to those in that area”.
      I think that I will name the evil procedure, ” Fishing For Suckers”! And if you bite on their fishing hook then you are a sucker!
      Sorry to have to say that, but I feel the need to be blunt here, for these people have NO mercy or sympathy towards those that they steal from!
      And remember they are out to take the money that YOU have AWAY from YOU. So if you fall for their scam then there’s really NOTHING you can do AFTER the money is GONE….
      One needs to do their homework just as well as those scammers are doing theirs! Use some wisdom and discernment when it comes to dealing with anyone over the internet, and the phone and by way of the mail system. Never forget that YOU are the ONLY ONE who is going to PROTECT your money from their greedy paws….no one else will!
      Remember if I an ordinary citizen can pick up a telephone book and look for names and addresses of individuals then so can anyone else! Also do a name search on yourself online and see what comes up! Those scammers have all the time in the world to do their research for they are living off the proceeds of their crimes. Do you want to fund their enterprise?

      Anyone who has a legal honest business will certainly have a bonda fide name and address and a good track record, and if they don’t then it certainly is NOT worth dealing with them.
      If you want to get rid of scammers get an answering machine and screen your calls, and also don’t respond to scam email and mail.
      It PAYS to do one’s homework and research before one responds to any correspondence.
      And if you have big problems now and you want to get rid of the scammers for good then make sure that they think you are DEAD! Write on every mailing these words, ” Deceased, Return to Sender” and then put it back in the mail.
      Ask yourself,” If I NEVER entered my name into any of these contests then HOW come they are contacting me now? Keep a list of the contests that you have entered so you can check it later.
      Sure we all want to win the big one, but compete in legit contests not the phony ones! Not every contest is legit even if you are in a store entering one there! Many of them want more info such as how much money you make in a year! Never fill those in for they just want your personal info.
      Follow the above suggestions and you will be much harder to scam! This is all just common sense sort of stuff.

  26. Maria S. Says:

    I just got a letter from Otep as well saying I was one of 200,000 people selected to win nearly $1.5 million. It stated that I had 10 days to claim my winnings or someone else would win the money. And, of cousre, the catch – I need to send a $20 processing fee. They supposedly have over $1 million to give away and can’t cover the $20 processing fee??!!! Pleeeeeeease!! Yes, too good to be true, but I can see how people can be tempted to give it a try even though they know it most likely is a scam, especially vulnerable people who are maybe out of work in this tough economy and struggling financially. Part of you really wants to believe and it’s easy to fall prey. Shame on the scamers for takinig such advantage!

  27. Valo Says:

    Someone who has the E.mail from Otep in his inbox?? Please send me a e.mail:
    Mail to

    Thank you


  28. Kate Says:

    Yes I do feel for people who are out of work or on a fixed income or a disablitity pension! I think that those who scam should be made to pay it all back to their victims and they should also spend time in jail.
    Someone who preys on other vulnerable citizens should really get some type of punishment that hurts them deeply! Otherwise the punishment will be too light and they will go back out and do it all over again. Make the scammers SUFFER like their victims have!

  29. Valo Says:

    Someone who has the E.mail from Otep in his inbox?? Please send me a e.mail:
    Mail to

    Thank you

  30. john k summers Says:

    received a package in the mail 10/16/2010 from MILO EXPRESS, REGUS solna Business Park, Svetsarvagen 15.2 tr, SE 171 41 Stockholm, SUEDE(Sweden)! Same sceniro payment of a check in my name of $99,500.00! Token said on it 100. Fine print said have small payouts ($100 &500) for a $27.00 USD Fee for your credit card info or checking account info. Please be advised never send this info to anyone EVER!

  31. john k summers Says:

    If you ever receive a large envelope from anyone and I mean anyone who has a Return address with P.S.T., well give it a good shredding, you have been scammed again! these people have used 4 different people to tell me miraculous incredible stories to get you hooked then, you must send a check from your bank account or credit union only HA!

  32. joe Says:

    Ireceived a letter from milo express saying I won 99, this a scam or not they want 75.00 sent to mhb in stockholm sued. can anyone help.

  33. Kate Says:

    Look up Milo Express on the internet for a start before throwing your 75.00 out the window. Remember the saying, “If it’s too good to be true – it probably is!”

  34. Kathy Says:

    Steve, Thanks so much for taking the time to record all this information. I too have been trying to convince my 90 year old father that he is being scammed. I managed to take over his mail for 6 month and wrote to 6 companies (name/address is on the back of some of the letters) and I managed to get the mailings down from over 200 per month to under 90 per month. Unfortunately my father insisted on taking his mail back and we are back at it again.. and it is increasing yet again. All of the addresses you mentioned are ones that I recoginze from the paper work. This world wide scamming makes me feel quite ill. The very sad part of all this is that our family members are trusting these thieves, who don’t give a real name, a true business name or address that can be traced (all is PO boxes or such) and suspecting family members who are trying to help and protect them. Where are are the governmental agencies world wide.. not just country wide.. help!

  35. Kate Says:

    Kathy do you have power of attorney for your father? If so I would use it because these people must be obtaining something in the way of money from your Dad otherwise they would not keep up their mailings in the amount that they are doing! I hope this is not eating away at your inheritance? It is very sad if it is!
    I wonder if you could go to the Post Office and talk to the Manager there to see if the bulk mailings can be stopped there, or have a PO Box set up in your name to receive the mail there so you can screen it before it gets to your Dad. The elderly do need to be protected from these money vultures! I hope the suggestions here prove helpful in your situation! Sincerely, Kate

  36. Kathy Says:

    Kate, thanks for your comments. I do know that my option is to have power of attorney, but at this time I don’t have it. I will have to go through the formal process to do so and am in touch with the doctors. I do know how much is being sent, so far it is all small amount as mentioned by others.. $25 each time, but the frequency is increasing. I also how much in total he has sent. I may have no other option than to take over and that is sad because it will deprive him of one of his last dignities. The really sad part of this is the fact he is viewing information from these thieve as honest but inforamtion from organziations such as BBB or family as dishonest.

  37. Kate Says:

    Ahh Kathy I feel for you! I can understand a bit about what you are going through, because I also have a father who is now 82 yrs old! I know you don’t want to dishonour him or make him upset or anything like that! It is very hard to know what to do in this situation.
    It is also very hard to do nothing knowing that your father is being deceived and robbed! Hmm I wonder if you could write a very forceful letter to these people? Most likely you’ll have to write it to the one who owns the business and tell them that if they send anymore letters to your father you will get the police after them or that you will sue them! Probably if you had Lawyer’s stationery paper that would help a lot!
    Now another idea you could possibly talk to your postman and tell him the particular mail that you don’t want sent to your father, and if that fails you could talk to your local politician to see what they might be able to do.
    I do recall one time when I wanted an insurance company to pay me back and they kept giving me the run around. I then got so mad with them that I ended up threatening them over the phone saying that, “I was going to fly to their location and make a huge scene in their waiting room and not leave until they payed me!” Well after 1 week I got their payment from them! So these types of people need to know that you are VERY ANGRY before they do something. I think I would try the threatening letter first. I would tell them that if they don’t stop mailing your father you will sue the living daylights out of them. Try that and see what happens! Let me know what the outcome is okay! But whatever you do don’t threaten them with any kind of physical violence for then they will have the upperhand over you. Just tell them “that you are going to take legal action over them”, and you might want to see if you can indeed do that! For this war you want to know what the best things are that you can use to WIN it! Hope this gives you more options and let me know what happens okay! I’m rooting for you to WIN!

  38. Alina Says:

    I work as a journalist for Consumer Protection at the Government of Western Australia. We have a branch which investigates scams. Some of those scams talked about here are named on our site

    Recently we put up a warning about OTEP

    We’ve also written about Davenport & Associates

    There is lots of advice to help you avoid scams. The address again is Also another good Australian government site is the Federal one:

  39. Val_Elle Says:

    Steve, would like to speak with you about this problem and any progress – have a way forward (at least I want to try it and dont want to duplicate whats already been done!)

    Email me and i’ll give you a phone number
    Thanks – this is comprehensive stuff

  40. Val_Elle Says:

    Dear Steve,

    Good work – I think we might work together on this – could you please email me (I believe you have access to my address via the blog) and I can then let you have my phone numbers so we can talk.

    Your data is more comprehensive than most I’ve seen and I’m a data specialist. I’ve been working on this for a large chunk of this year.


  41. Linda Dashnow Says:

    My mother is 86 years old and I have changed her phone 4 times with the latest time today to a unpublished number. She received 12-18 pieces of lottery mail daily when I first learned of this. In digging in to see what was going on I added up what she had been spending over the previous couple of months she had gone thru over $4,000. This is a woman who gets $986. a month from social security and has a very dollars in savings which is now gone. She has been brutalized by the power of persuasion from people in Jamaica and Florida in how they have made her lie, sneak and changed her personality in who they manipulate her. My mother and I have been extremely close all my life and to see her take sides on someone she has never met against her family is just unbelievable to me. I have googled all the addresses and shown her the mail drop locations. I have googled the addresses of the money grams she has sent and who lives there and they don’t look like places that have a $1 million check waiting for her. This is a epidemic in our society and the post office knows it because they see the mail and it’s what is now keeping them in business since no one mails letters or cards any more. I took over the mail and by not answering it took me 1 year to get from 18 pieces daily to 2-3 and those were new places that the old places must have sold her name to make up the money they had lost in mailing to her with no response. It is big business and it’s ruthless but no one does anything about it. I have a box of all the notices for 1 year and it’s heaping over the top. As it was already noted different designs, different colors but same people. They design the notices so as no one turns it over to see they are reporting agencies and the money that is paid is the report they will receive of upcoming and expired sweepstakes other companies are holding. Bravo for all the information on your blog here because even when you change the phone, stop the mail, google all the information on the web,they still believe they could win!

  42. Lisa T Says:

    I too receive so many” congratulations Sucker you have won $$$$$$$”, and the most recent one was from OTEP from Coral Springs Florida asking for $30 to cover fees, i mean it is ridiculous how many letters i receive each day stating i am a prize winner, i have been chosen etc…blah blah

    • JIM C Says:

      LISA T.

  43. Kate Says:

    Well simply get out your red marker pen and write the words “Deceased – Return to Sender” on the front of the envelope and then drop it back into the mailbox. Ten to one you will not get anymore, but if you do keep doing the same thing and then you will eventually get rid of them.
    Another trick is to start opening the envelope and take the junk mail out and shred it and then insert some other junk mail without your name on it and then write the same words on the outside of it, seal up the envelope and then drop it into the mailbox. Don’t bother putting a stamp on it either! Now they can see how it feels to receive junk mail from someone else!

  44. Thermal Imaging Says:

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  45. Dlopez Says:

    My grandmother keeps recieving these, its RIDICULOUS! I have had to cancel her cards, no more checks… i hate these people that target the elderly!!

  46. Steve Downe Says:

    Kate – Take care with the “Deceased” option. I tried this as you will see from my blog it rebounded with the letters being sent back to my relative which caused some distress. My preferred option was to re direct to an empty house. Please see the full blog. – Steve

  47. Kate Says:

    Steve – Yes this option could back fire on you as you have proven. Though if I was in your shoes I would not choose to send the mail to an empty house. Instead I would send it to a box office address where I could pick it up and then take it somewhere to shred it or burn it. An empty house could potentially have drug addicts or criminals living in it, and I wouldn’t want anyone’s name to fall into their hands. Identity theft is an issue here.
    So with any idea there’s always going to be a possible downside to it, but one must choose what is the best option for one’s own situation. If anyone else has suggestions and ideas that work well for them they should join in the discussion so we can all learn from each other! Remember there’s power in numbers! Look at the nightly news lately and that is proving that saying as being true.
    P.S. Maybe we should start a movement on FaceBook to deal on mass with these sorts of scammers! We can all show up at their businesses….now that would be really radical and effective I’m sure! Kate

    • Steve Downe Says:

      Hi Kate
      Yes you could, but a postal address box costs money and time in collecting. A long term empty house out of area which looks like a builder will need to buy it, I feel is the best option. Remember if someone is going to steal identiy they will need more than the persons name and that is all they will get on a redirected scam letter. Steve

  48. Colin Richard James Says:

    Steve… thanks so much for all your good advice. I’m yet another of those old guys living on a pension and (in my case) confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my days. I desperately need money to buy myself a wheelchair accessible vehicle for my support workers to take me on occasional outings at weekends. These scam letters used to attract me, but now I’m being bombarded with offers from Internet Marketers who promise good money for little effort – and a ‘small fee’. Would you know if any of these are genuine OR who I should contact for realistic advice? It would be like a dream come true if I could make a little extra money enabling me to buy a vehicle. Colin James, Australia.

    • Steve Downe Says:

      Hi Colin
      I can’t really advise but the old saying holds true “If it seems too good to be true it probably is”. I would personally keep clear of anything which asks for money from you either as fees or admin charges or whatever they call it.

      I’m sorry to hear of your need for a vehicle. You may be better off spending some time writing to charities local and national and see if you can get some sponsorship or funding. Contact also self help groups for those in similar positions as you in wheelchairs, you may be able to network with others who have found some sources of funding. I do wish you luck.

  49. Kate Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Yes I know that unfortunately you will have to pay for a postal box! So how about just getting the mail redirected to your own address so you can then deal with it how you see fit in the privacy of your own home!
    You could burn it in the fire place, shred it, stuff it with other junk mail, fill it with white baby powder, and you could also put a bomb or something that looks like one in it too! Of course I’m only joking here, but when these people keep bombarding someone with junk mail those options come readily to mind.

    • Steve Downe Says:

      Hi Kate
      Yes you could and I tried this but again it costs money to re direct and it means all the post is redirected, so you will spend time daily taking the good post back to them. The other problem is many of these victims believe some if not all the post is genuine so they get upset that you are depriving them of the valid offers (even though they are all scams !) Remember this is not junk mail but scams aimed to target the victims and get money from them and boy they are clever! The victims do get upset that the genuine post i.e. Bank statements, birthday cards etc and other valid post is not coming to them.

      The other problem is it’s not a cure. You will have to keep renewing the redirection! I still believe it is better to inform the scammers of a change of address as I outlined before. You could use a non existence address but the problem is the post office will return some of the letters to the sender and the scammers will try to trace the victim, particularly if the scam was proving profitable. In the case I worked on they tracked down a brother who lives over 100 miles from the victim in an endeavour to track the victim down.

      I like the other suggestions, white talcum powder would be good!

  50. James Groves Says:

    Hey Steve ;
    I constantly get mail from the netherlands informing me that I hav won large amounts of money in various sweepstakes and in order to receivethis money I must send them $40-$50-$30-$20 dollars I have yet to send one dime. Where do they get my name and address from?

  51. James Groves Says:

    I have received numerous letters from the Netherlands claiming that i am in the running for large sums of money, and all that I have to do is send them $20-$30-$40 or even $50.00 to claim this money of course I never send anything and the mail keeps coming. Where do they get my name and address from? If I going to receive such large sums why can’t they take the processing charge from the winnings? Give me a break!!!!

  52. Michelle M Says:

    I received a letter from OTEP stating that I won $1,463,590 in assets and needed to send $20.00 in order to collect this money. It had two different addresses. The address that is on the fake looking check is as follows: OTEP 5379 Lyons Road #215, Coconut Creek, FL. 33073. But when you have to send the payment you have to send it to this other address. Director of Processing, OTEP, P.O.Box 8689, Coral Springs, FL. 33075 USA. Always look for a phone number that you can call. Which this letter did not have any number to call to verify that this was real. This letter also said that as long as I respond with payment 10 days after the postage stamp then nothing will keep me from receiving my winnings. I have seen so many scams and cant believe people can sleep at night knowing they are liars and thieves. ALWAYS REMEMBER EVERYBODY!!! IF IT ISNT ED MCMAHON AT YOUR FRONT DOOR FROM PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE, THEN ITS A SCAM!!!

  53. Pallane Marika Says:

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    • Annamari Says:


      édesanyám is kapott ilyen leveleket, nem tudod véletlenül, hogy milyen címen lehet lemondani őket? Köszönöm előre is a válaszod!

  54. William Mathew Ryan Jr. Says:

    they took my cellphone number and now i owe 1400,00 to sprint they where jamacn I still get mail and a lot of it at first it was real but it was not

  55. Sandy D. White Says:

    It’s been over 1 yr. since my last posted comment. Nobody (of authority with the law or FTC or the like) has been interested in going thru the several boxes of scam mail which has collected in my garage as well as my elderly parents apt. So I took matters into my own hands & got a spare mailbox key of my parents (which they don’t know I have) & I try to collect the scam mail from the box before my Dad sees it, or else collect it before he has a chance to open it, which works most of the time. They are so deluged with such a high volume of daily mail, that much of it has never been opened in the last yr. I’ve gotten very good at recognizing the same envelopes as to which ones are scams. Occasionally, Dad responds by sending money orders for the fees, but I try to come by several times a week to collect the scam mail & it’s helping for me to shred the scam mail at my house. There is alot from the Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland, Holland & Malta…you name it! Also, 5 mo. ago I started forwarding all their phone calls to my phone & let the unidentified calls go to voice mail- most scammers hang up without leaving a msg., the few who do leave a msg.-it gets deleted & ignored. I’ve noticed my folks get very few personal calls anyway. I have taken over handling all their appts. for business & medical etc. So everyone has to go thru me now to get to my parents. My folks are 90 & 94 with dementia, so Dad somehow found out early on about the calls being fwd., but has since forgotten about it. It’s sometimes inconvenient that I can’t call them, but they only live 3 miles down the road from me.
    I’m not letting those thieves steal from my parents anymore! If the feds want to prosecute me for tampering with ‘federal mail’ -well bring it on!
    I put up with seeing my parents lose thousands of dollars & I am going to do what I need to in order to protect my parents, since the feds are not doing anything about it!!!

  56. Sandy D. White Says:

    Thanks so much for the cheer of encouragement. I’m not one to break the law, but I waited too long before getting my parents mail out of the box out of fear of federal prosecution for mail tampering or whatever. But this had to be stopped & no legal method was working to accomplish that. Dad will be 95 in June & in all his yrs. he never participated in these
    scams until the last 2 yrs. He’s getting mail from psychics, clairvoyants, & the like & Austrailian & Itailian lottos & emails sending his numbers for drawing. I have had to block that & I regularly monitor all his emails as many want donations just as the postal mail does.
    I even filed for legal guardianship of my folks, but because my Dad was on RX medicine at the time for dementia (altzheimers) he passed the psych tests which he had failed prior to taking the medicine. Due to side effects of the meds Dad stopped taking the ones the dr. tried him on.
    People who are knowing of this situation & myself could hardly believe it when I didn’t get guardianship because my Dad was not found to be incompetetent; however, Dad got guardianship over Mom! I was successful in getting the finances out of Dad’s hands, except for his personal pension acct. We now have a trustee involved, but she is not paying their bills on time!
    So if the feds want to come after the victims family over the mail, they need to think twice & go after the real crimminals who are duping the elderly from millions of dollars.

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  58. psarai Says:

    I have been scamed by a few postal scams and i recently had a phone call represently that said i won 2.5 million and a mercedes from americas publishing co. and needed to give to verify myself but it would be returned . this was to happen before the delivery of such. there need to be a stop put to this. but i do not know how this can be accomplished. this can ruin the reputation og legal operations.

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  63. Margie Says:

    I am in the US. My 94 year old father has also fallen victim to these scam letters that come in all shapes & sizes in the US mail. It only started around March this year and I do check his financial accounts, and started noticing as many as 10 checks a day going to payees like IRG, IPP,MOD etc.. I kept track and after about a month noticed the amount was nearly $400 in small increments. I finally confronted my dad to see what was going on and he showed me the stacks of letters he was receiving everyday saying he had won everything from a BMW auto to 2.5 million dollars. He is a widower, living alone, and was happily receiving lots of mail to open. When I treid to tell him he was thrwoing his money away to Scammers, he wouldn’t here it. It took two months of showing him the internet reports about all the various companies until he finally saw the truth. Now he had already spent another $500.
    I was so mad and frustrated that these jerks could get away with theses tactics. I got in touch with the BBB and i actually spoke to a sympathetic and very helpful person on the other end. he recommended to ask the companies for the money back. That the 94 year old dad did not understand the mailings and how the misrepresented that he had won. Plus the truth that he lives on Social Security and the losses were a financial hardship was added.
    I also added I was reporting them to every official agency I can think of, like BBB, FTC, US POSTAL etc.


    I have also added him to every possible do not mail list and changed his phone number, but he still receives 5 or more sweeps winning claims. He has sent a few, maybe $30 a month, but the majority he now just shreds!!!

    A small victory story to give some of you hope.

  64. Says:

    Anthony Carr is now operating from P O Box 97195, 7871 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC V6X 8H3 CANADA
    Other morons to look out for:Collins & Partners Hungarian address postmark is PP Post Fiji Nadi Airport & cheqs to GDS. And on shredder no. 4 others worn out by these morons. So far have had two flashy cars and oodles of cash promised but even if I don’t reply have a notification every week. Another address is Green Heys, Walford Road, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 5DB.

  65. Lin Says:

    just put return to sender – unknown here

  66. graeme Says:

    Every dayi receieve 18 to 30 letters from over seas in my mail box @ Sydney Australia..i have parcels sent to me and than a letter to say I own them $35 dollars for postage and im in the draw to win 2 million dolars.i toss all letters into the bin and ceap the cheap jewellers and take it to the salvation army so they are able to sell it and make a few dollars for themselves

  67. Rosalind--New Jersey, USA Says:

    Just “won” sweepstakes @ $392,750.00.(sure!!) This from “Department of Global Response Headquarters”. The address in the upper left corner is: Response Div.108, PO Box 85236-2050.
    They require $16 “Purchasing Fee” which they won’t get from me.
    Everyone should post on this website any such scams including any names and addresses. Making this public for all to see is the best way to let it be known to ALL OF US!!! I also keep getting other such fraudulent letters. Just do NOT ever reply! I shall be reporting this to the US Postal Service ASAP. Good Luck!
    Rosalind in New Jersey USA.

  68. portable credit card machines Says:

    Highly descriptive article, I enjoyed that a lot.

    Will there be a part 2?

  69. kate248 Says:

    Hello everyone! I haven’t been on here for a long time, but it occurred to me that I SHOULD say something about this new PHONE SCAM that is going around whereby someone will call you and pretend to be from “The Windows Microsoft Department” and tell you that “your Computer is malfunctioning in some way” and that “they will help you solve it, but all for A PRICE!” They will then try to extract from you your Credit Card info and then steal your money! A friend of a friend of mine had this happen to him whilst his wife was yelling at him “to hang up the phone!”, but he failed to listen to his wife and lost several hundreds of dollars! So it was one of those hard lessons to learn in life. And please when they call you and they WILL call you tell them off and please tell them from me that they are, “Nothing but DECEIVERS, LIARS and THIEVES!” And it will DO THEM GOOD TO HEAR IT TOO! for they have been getting away with this for FAR TOO LONG! (I sent my Government an email because this criminal practice needs to be STOPPED!)

  70. Bolinda Says:

    Hello my parents have been receiving these letters and despite my continuing to tell them it is a scam they still send money in hopes of getting rich.The latest envelop is from Posta Rominia Nr.107/E/017/2012 Bucuresti 83 and has this in the area where the stamp should be and the return address is Gerloczy Utca 7
    H-1052- Budapest Hongrie. The company of Wilson & Associates ,ailed this because my parents apparently won $ 131,550.00 and only have to mail them $55.00 to expedite the process. Thanks for this blog I will show this to my parents in hopes that they will stop opening this junk mail. When can we expect part 2?

  71. Carol Sweeney Says:

    I just received a letter (2 pgs) from Westfied Reserve in Coral Springs Florida asking for me to send $159.30 for my award of $892,102.00. Can anyone confirm this is bogus? Online address: Thank you.

  72. Carol Sweeney Says:

    I just received a letter (2 pgs) from Westfied Reserve in Coral Springs Florida asking for me to send $159.30 for my award of $892,102.00. Can anyone confirm this is bogus? Online address: Thank you.

  73. Steve Downe Says:

    It’s bogus without a doubt

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