More Postal Scams

Royal Mail HQ16548

Vital Beauty and also Swiss Home Shopping

UK address is PO Box 283, Romsey SO51 0WF, I believe this UK address is a mail handling company. The address is in Church Street, Romsey

The company behind this operation is in Belgium called A.M.A  Limited  Company and here is a extract from the UK Office of Fair Trading  :-

137/07    26 September 2007

A mail order company based in Belgium has given undertakings to the OFT that it will not send misleading prize draw mailings to UK consumers.

Agence de Marketing Applique (AMA) distributed hundreds of thousands of prize draw mailings to UK consumers under the name ‘Vital Beauty’ together with a mail order catalogue offering healthcare and beauty products. The OFT believed that the mailings misled recipients into believing they had won a large cash prize of up to £14,500, when in fact they were only entitled to entry into a prize draw with a small chance of winning the cash prize. Nearly everyone who responded was sent a low value discount voucher for use against future orders. The OFT also considered that recipients were further misled into believing that they must place an order from the accompanying catalogue as a condition for claiming their prize, when actually it was possible to enter the prize draw without making any purchase whatsoever. Reference to this was only mentioned within a large amount of small print. The OFT received numerous complaints from consumers who had been misled by these mailings.

AMA has agreed not to publish advertisements that give the misleading impression that recipients have won a large cash prize, and that any future mailings will clearly distinguish between the main cash prize and the discount voucher prizes that all participants are entitled to receive. Each page of the mailing will also include the words ‘free prize draw’ and ‘no purchase necessary’. If AMA breaches these undertakings, then the OFT can refer the company to its Belgian counterparts under the European Consumer Protection Cooperation Regulation and request that they consider taking action.

That was in 2007 and yet in 2010 they are still posting the scam to the UK and no doubt elsewhere.

Royal Mail HQ 30952

The return envelope on some (maybe all) is Chic Express, Italy

This is the largest list I have seen.  These are all the same company. This company seem very clever for nowhere does their literature contain a company address, the only thing that links these companies is the name which you are to pay them.  It is simply “B&N” and the Royal Mail licence number above and return address in Italy.

They go under the following names :-

20S2G – Austria

Amy Palmer

Association of Specialist Rentiers


Centre for Allowences Subsides and Heritage (CASH)

Centre for Remittance of Rewards (CRR)

Centre of Administrative Processing for the Awarding of Gains

Certif Financial Management – Austria

Club of Recognised Financial Success

Collins & Partners Practice – Netherlands

Commission for the Distribution Of Prizes

Committee of Great Multi-Millionaire Investors

Company for Gains and Financial Campaigns – Austria

Concept for the Federation of Super Finalists

Direct Finances Joint Committee

Federation of Super Finalists

Final Selection of the Great Multi-Gains Operation – Netherlands

Foundation Management Fortune

Fund Transfer Supervisory Commission

Funding for the Awarding of Large Value Gains

General Accountancy for Gains & Donations (GAGD)

General Department for Financial Remuneration

Gladys Holle

Great Council of Certified Gains

Independent Bureau for Direct Payments

Independent Fund for the Distribution of Unclaimed Wins

International & Financial Management  (I.F.P.G)

International Agency Of Great Gains

International Centre for Financial Leaders

International Committee for Financial Payments

International Committee for Transfers to Beneficiaries (CITB)

International Fund For Cash Gains

International Fund for Cash Gains

International Gains Management Group

International Group of Financial Transfers

International Payment Fund

International Selection of Gains to be Distributed

John and Jim Miller Fondation

Master Thien – Consultant in Occult Sciences – Austria

Office for the Attribution of Payment of Gains – Austria

Official Notices of Receipt of Winnings

Organisation for the Management and Distribution of Gains

Organisation for the Worldwide Distribution of Gains

Organization for the Transfer of Private Funds – Netherlands

Private Club of Anonymous Millionaires

Prize Distribution Office

Professor Marc Stanley Brahms

Professor Robert Stanford – Financial Distribution Centre

Promo Direct Ltd, ISS and B&N are masters of the postal scam.

Richard K – Immediate Social Elevation Method

Sammy Rich – Special Advisor of Important Accounts

Society for the Organisation of Funds Transfer (S.O.F.T.)

SR2G – Research of Great Winners

SWORN Financial Mandatory Experts or SFME

Transaction Agreement for the Executory Commission for the Remittance of Funds

Validation Centre of Confirmed Gains

Wilson & Associates

World Agency for Big Winnings

World Record Speed Wins

Worldwide Centre of Mathematical Research


168 Responses to “More Postal Scams”

  1. peter date Says:

    i have received a letter saying i have $99,500 that collins &partners practice are going to send me buy check within 48 hours but all i have to do is to send this autorization for a money transfer form off to MHB vienna airport office park 1 top B 02 1300vienna aurtria they say if i send this $55 to them i will get my check for $99,500 within 48 hours is this a scam or should i send the money

    • stevedowne Says:

      I would say a very big NO

      If it sounds too good to be true it is !



    • vanessa c Says:

      HI I have the exact same letter for the same amount I sent what they asked and the $60 transfer fees three weeks ago and still no check in mail please be very careful and dont make the same mistake i did

  2. Bren Says:

    Received similar one from IFCG for sum of $62300 – just need to send the money transfer authorization together with $55 to
    Vienna Airport
    Office Park 1
    Top B 02
    1300 Vienna

    They are obviously targeting downunder at the moment. It is easy to see how people who are down on their luck could be tempted into it. The indication is that there is no doubt that you have won $62,300.
    I wish there was a way to scam the scammers.

  3. LAURIE Says:

    Recieved a fantsy letter looks fair dinkem thay want me to send them $55 to MHB Viena Airport Office Park top b 1 1300 Viena Austria in return they will send me $62,300.00 within 48hour,s yes right pig,s fly dont send these germ,s any thing zip none zero.

  4. deepika Says:


    I also got a letter to transfer $55 by check or credit card to MHB Vienna Airport Office Park 1 Top B 02 1300 Vienna Austria to secure $62,300.00 within 48 hrs of receipt of my letter. I did not see any contact information in the letter such as phone no or email address. Is it right to send reply to them? Is it real thing? Please get back with me.

  5. Dale Says:

    I also got the same Official document please act now blahblah winnings deposit into your account of $62,300 ( that would be nice) but really if it’s too good to be true than it is, especially when you can’t even find who sent you the letter, they must be having a ball down under Im in Perth this letter is going straight to the trash.

  6. keith Says:

    wow! they offered me a great bargain, asking only $27 for the same 62.3g.

  7. Marie Frederick Says:

    Me! my is $99,500.00 for $27.00 this letters are well done some one will believe in this thing and lost 55, or 27 dollars.

  8. Chris G Says:

    OMG, me too $55 for $62,300. As above, no contact details. At least Readers “******” Digest does that. Are they targeting Centrelink recipients in this country? I wonder, because there is no way I could lose $55 at the moment. This hurts all of us who are vulnerable to hoping for a chance at something. Mongrels. Thanks guys, without inernet communication, we may have been taken in.


  9. Wayne Says:

    I also received same letter in Mackay

  10. Kerry F Says:

    Same here in Townsville $95.5k for $55 – looks authentic with the Collins and Partners Solicitors.

  11. William Martin Says:

    I received a letter from Collins & Partners’ Practice stating that I would receive a check for $99,500. They sent me a “Reduction check” for $294.50 and said they were reducing their fees by $125.00, so I just have to mail them $25.00. Some unknown had left me his fortune and they would be porcessing the transfer of wealth to me… Boy, if this were only the truth!!! They advised me to reply within 8 days or inheritance would go to the next heir in line…I am replying to their 1300 Vienna , Austria address, but instead of a check made out to B&N, my note will say BullS_ _T!!! It will cost me $0.98, but atleast they will know that they have been exposed. Then they can eat my words!!!

  12. KURT ANDRAE Says:


  13. Armando Masson Says:

    Hola a todos, he recibido una carta de Eropean Prieze Syndikat ie Canada
    Donde dicen que tengo que reclamar 3.500000 Euros pagando los diferentes envios a 20 euros por cada carta, que opinan ustedes? gracias y chao

  14. Linda Says:

    In Melbourne, Aus. They are going under the name of Financial Group for Property and division (FGPD). Same deal but $55 for $71.200.00. They even have a picture of their office tower block ( just in case you don’t believe they are for real) lol. I’ve eplied several times, telling them what I think by enclosing a letter not a cheque. Now I just Bin it.

  15. Sue Westbrook Says:

    I got this too. I am a Tasmanian and we might have “two heads” so we are too smart to fall for these scams but we do live in hope that a genuine hand- out will come our way

  16. Andy Smith Says:

    Same $55 for $71,200, I keep playing the lottery and have a greater chance of winning than getting any $ out of these scammers. Have received many over the lsat couple of months, bin it. (Apr 2010)

  17. Laurie Says:

    Hi all got an email from MHB saying they have $71,200.00 dollars for me great but they want me to send them a cheque for $75.00 to MHB c/o Vienna air port offfice park 1 top B02 1300 Vienna Austria ,funny that they have all this money for me but i must pay first i DONT think so if they have my money they can send it first then i will send them the $75 after i get the money first .
    Why do,ent the GOVENMANT do somthing to shut these people down i never send money over sea,s like the other said if it sound,s to good to be true it IS so dont send these people any money at all best Regards Fireman.Australia.

  18. ROGER GIFFIN Says:


  19. shari chipman Says:

    well i sent them the payment of $55, so what happens next i guess they just take my money , maybe i’ll make sure there is nothing on my card for the next few weeks, i don’t know what to do about this i knew it was to good to be true, but it was just wishfull thinking, something should be done about these people.

  20. Britney Says:

    I also received one of these letters requesting payment to the same address in Austria. I live in South Carolina. The company title for my letter was Wilson & Associates with Scott cooper as the paying treasurer. They sent me a snazzy “Bingo Cash Token” that represents a lot of money and I should not loose it. lol. My plastic pearlescent green bingo coin says Mongolian Gaming Entertainment Co., LTD $100 with some gold flames or something. It’s absurd to think that I am eligible to a check for $99,500.00 for the low transfer fee of $75 from people in Austria…? Really? Into the trash with this scam! I have never come across any scams before now, but now that I have I am extremely frustrated by it. I’ve heard of things on craigs list and ebay but I never knew I could be mailed a random scam. It’s sickening. It’s a shame that other countries don’t prosecute people involved in these activities.

  21. Ninja Gaijin Says:

    My grandmother got same letter for $55. She was actually going to send it off. Lol. I told her it’s a scan with no contact details. But she would have and bared the loss. Sad really. She can’t afford it. But she goes for all those readers digest things.

  22. shane Says:

    Here today in adelaide south australia i recieved a letter from MHB vienna airport saying if i send them $75 they will send me 2 cheques total sum of $76,159.32 think i will send a reply deduct $159.32 & just send me the round figure of $76 thousand wishfull thinking me thinks these bloody scammers deserve a good flogging me thinks

  23. Goca Says:

    I received a letter from MHB Vienna airport saying the same as previous two cheques one for 71,800.00 and the other 4,359.32 total of 76,159.32
    For the moment i thought where they get my name and from vienna. I knew was something not to belive. The last time i went to Vienna Airport was 5 years ago and i can not remember giving my name to someone or else.

  24. Goca Says:

    In relations to the previous comment i just want to add that the stamp of the original invoice said “PRIORITY” and If undeliverable please return to P>O> Box 1/F Budapest; TAXE PERCUE 1005 Budapest

  25. Goca Says:

    i want to correct myself not invoice is the envelope that i was talking about. sorry

  26. rodney Says:

    Thank u for the helpful information

  27. Dave E. Says:

    I got a similar letter mailed from Budapest stating that I have become the official winner from the Great Council of Certified Gains and that there are 2 certified checks in my name waiting to be claimed, one for $71,800 and the other for interest earned of $4,359.32. This is something I have been waiting for years to get me out of debt and stay out of debt as I enter all sorts of sweepstakes and believe in being a winner in life and not the measly poor as I am now. So, in a rushed anticipation, I mailed back their Personal Payment Bulletin form the same day I got this with a note saying “SHOW ME THE MONEY if you are not liars and scammers!!” without the optional $27 for a Capital Gains Guide and now I am saddened finding this out. Can we file a complaint with the BBB? Or who? I was looking forward to all that payoff for my dreams to be fulfilled!!

  28. Trish Says:

    My grand mother got the same letters as all of you and i feel really bad because she gave a lot of money to a lot of them and i can’t believe people can do such a thing like scaming elders i also wonder if it’s possible to sue those scamers and get all of our money back!!!! they should be prossecuted because she gave hundreds and hundreds of dollars…..

  29. inge Says:

    Received also a letter that states I won $99,500.00 dollars letter posted in Hungary return address mhb in Italy.How do these people get names and adress is beyound me.Be smart scammers are the scum of the earth.Needles to say i did not send them the $55.

  30. Hratch Says:

    I just received a Bank Transfer Notice for $ 99,500.00. asking me to send $75.00 to get the get the above cheque.
    I have to send my reply at MHB Vienna Airport, Office Park 1, Top B 02,
    1300 Vienna Austria

  31. Alex Cowdery Says:

    Iv’e Noticed these scams always MISPELL the word cheque with check, I just recieved a letter from MHB in italy asking for $55 to be made out to MHB the notices are on shiney thin paper saying the Paying treasurer is someone called MONET.E what a waste of paper, energy and postal space, there must be a way to catch these people. What about going to italy and finding the address and geting the authorities to find who is assciated with the address.. Theres always a way, think of all the poor people already who have handed over the money. REMEMBER IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, ITS NOT!!!

    ” corso limone Piemonte 37
    18039 – Ventimiglia (IM)
    ITALIA “

  32. Alex Cowdery Says:

    ” put some rotton matter or feacies or even some horrible biological contaminated material in the reply paid envelope and send it back to them, maybe they will get sick and die!!!!

  33. Alex Cowdery Says:

    OR!!! put some cocain really easlly to find in the letter hopefully customs will find it and lead them to the scammers!!!

  34. Franca Theophanous Says:

    I also received a Bank Transfer Notice for $99,500 for fee of $55.00 to be mailed to MHB corso limone Piemonte 37 18039-Ventimiglia(IM).

  35. Gwendoline Says:

    I am one also on the receiving end of two offers – one a week ago for the $71,800.00 + interest of $4,359.32 from MHB, Vienna Airport, Office Park 1, Top B 02, 1300 Vienna, Austria and yesterday one for $99,500.00 from MHB, corso limone Piemonte 37, 18039 – ventimiglia (IM), Italia. Both asking for $55 to be sent. Someone once told me that if you have to send money to receive money DON’T DO IT, IT’S A SCAM. I am just interested to find out who the common denominator is – the only organisation that comes to mind, and I do hope I am very wrong, is a renown subscription organisation. Have or are any of you subscribers? My apologies to this organisation if this is not the case, and I think they promise not to hand over your details in any case but these details we do forget. I guess it could be anyone of the millions of online selling organisations – how many times do we have to put our addresses in to receive information or free products that are bombarded at us from websites when we are just surfing or checking our emails?! I guess they prey on the many of us easy targets that are struggling and would just like that one windfall to get our heads above water. They certainly should be in the SHAME, SHAME, SHAME file. And if they are ever truly located, whatever they are worth should be split up between all of us because no doubt they are making money out of a lot of us!

  36. Laurie Says:

    Trust Company for the Renittance of Gain,s recieved another to day saying they have a nice cheque for me $95,000,00 all i have to do is send them a cheque for $25 us dolllars yesy no worries will send it now ,pigs fly do NOT SEND THEM ANY THING ALL SCAMMERS ,STOP NOW PLEASE.

  37. Laurie Says:

    Hi all it,s a shame that these people are pretty smart if only they put there efforts into doing some good they would help people but no they want to scam us all but do not send them any thing dont even give them the time of day NO MORE scammers .

  38. Ries Chattillon Says:

    Yes I have received a Bank Transfer Notice for the amount of $99500 au in default of other recipirnts failling to reply to their correspondence, I have ten days to reply and ask for $55 entry into “Golden Contract Money Gains. The only contact address is the reply envelope. I have filed it into to to hard bin, I suggest that any one receiving this mail do the same for it is a scam.

  39. David Says:

    A colleague of mine has been asked for $75 in order to receive $99,500 from MHB based in Corso Limone Piemonte 37, 18039 Ventimiglia, Italy. He has pinned it up in the office as a warning to others who might be taken in by this scam.
    Leave well alone – they are making a mint by regularly receiving these small amounts! Don’t be conned – don’t lose your money!

  40. Carmel Says:

    Looks like these lowlifes are now targeting the northern hemisphere. I’m in Canada and just got offered a $99,500 / $45.00 deal. These scumbags should hang their heads in shame. What a rotten and despicable way to make a living. Thank God for websites like yours that instantly expose these heartless scammers.

  41. Mick H Says:

    $99,500 for the modest fee of $55 to MHB. I looked at it for a minute and thought ‘what if?!!’. That was about 15 mins ago…. then I searched for some contact details…. NONE! Thank god for GOOGLE hey!! Lead me straight to this blog site and I too am appalled by the false hope these scammers instill into vulnerable people, most of which cant afford the 55 bucks in the first place. Anyone out there got a spare vile or two of that Anthrax that could be sent in a reply envelope????????

  42. Susan Says:

    Hi all i am so glad that i googled this group MHB corso limone piemonte 37
    18039-ventimiglia(IM) ITALIA before sending them the $55 for an electric transfer of $67,500.OMG how mant people are these scum bags doing this to and what can we do about it.

    Thank goodness for this web site exposing these low lifes.

  43. Laurel Says:

    I live outside Sydney Australia and recieved this letter today saying pay $25 to recieve $99,500.00. So glad i googled this site MHB corso limone Piemonte 37 18039-Ventimiglia(IM). Italia.
    Their nothing but scum who know people are desperate for a big win in something to get them out of hardship. They should be shot or made to pay all of us for what they are doing.

  44. Lenora Says:

    I have received “tons” of these letters, first from a B&N in the Netherlands, then from a B&N in Austria, and now a MHB in Italia and Denmark. They all claimed that I had won various sums of money – $99,500, $67,000, $82,000, etc. At first, I followed their instructions and sent them the funds they requested for processing and handling. About a week or so later, I received a letter saying that they never heard from me. At one point I even sent them a nasty letter saying “either send me the money I won or stop mailing me these stupid letters!” I still continue to receive them dispite the fact that I ignore them and throw them in the trash! I even get correspondence from a psychic who goes by the name of “Angela” from somewhere in the Netherlands, of which I also discard! It is an insult to all of us innocent victims, and I am outraged that these scammers continue to get away with their criminal activity!

  45. Armando Says:

    Senoras y senores, para toda la comunidad Internacional es conocido de las Estafas continuadas de diferentes firmas Radicadas en Alemania, Reino Unido Austria, Italia, Dinamarca y Holanda. Tambien he sido Victima de estas Estafas que de haber sido cierta todas las cartas de todos estos Criminales que he recibido, fuera hoy Multimillonario. Debemos entre todos
    Organizar una queja a las Autoridades competentes Internacionales Y formular denuncias colectivas contra estos Estafadores profesionales que no hacen otra cosa que burlarse de la Humanidad, aprovechandose de las dificultades Financiera de la poblacion Mundial.
    Muchas Gracias y tomemos medidas contra toda esta lacra Humana.
    DR Psycologo Armando ————– ————-?

  46. Michael Says:

    Just today I received a letter offering me $99500. All I have to do is authorise payment of $55, and this is after my personal discount of $150. No Solicitors or third party involved. This time payment was to be sent to MHB, Rybna 682, 110 05 Praha, Czech Republic. They are just wasting their paperwork by sending them to me as the paper gets shredded and goes into the rabbit hatch for them to crap on. I am in outer western Sydney so they are targetting the whole globe.

    Rule of thumb is 1)if you have never heard of them, then you didin’t deal with them in the first place. 2) You can’t win a lottery you haven’t entered. 3) If you have to part with money to get your money, then it is a scam. 4) If it is legit, ask them to deduct the $55 from your winnings and send you the balance.

  47. Ries Chattillon Says:

    Michael, I wouldn’t reply in any form, I did once asking how I could win money with out purchasing tickets. Next thing I received a notice from my ISO telling me that someone was trying to get into my site using the e-mail address. Things that are to good to be true they require the action you have taken in helping your rabbits.

  48. Carole Says:

    I am from Sydney too and I just receive a letter from them also MHB Rybna 82, 110 05 Praha Czech Republic with a wonderful sum of $99,500.00 to be mine and all mine as the only beneficiary! HaHaHa.

    Wow!!!! what a waste of paper and printing: killing more trees, polluting our planet by taking advantage of people and stealing from them!.

    This is big Crime!

    Thank you guys to share the same experience. My friend told me to send the money by “check” to them …. we never know!!! LOL I am glad I did not

  49. Jan Says:

    My letter was for 99,500. All I had to do was to send $27.00 to E. Monet, MHB, Tuborg Boulevard 12, 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen Denmark. I didn’t send it.

  50. Joyce Says:

    My mother just received a letter from MHB with the announcement of her winning $99,500.00 with the request to send $27.00 transfer fee to Copenhagen, Denmark. I googled MHB and came to this website. These crooks are targeting older persons and are bilking them out of hundreds of thousands of their hard earned money. They are well organised and probable belonging to the Maffia(Russian or Italian)PS She tore up the cheque

  51. merilyn Says:

    I also recieved a letter and it said, that I was the unique Bennficiary entitled to claim this money transfer that is due to me., the unique transfer of $99,500.00. I was to send $50.00,and make the check out to,
    M H B. the letter did not have a name or address on it, other then on the envelope. M H B Tuborg Boulevard 12, 2900 Hellerup.,Copenhagen DENMARK.Well something just did not seem right,so here I am, and I see that a lot of other people have recieved the same.I truly hope these so called people (scammers) are caught and put in Jail for a long, long time.Well thank goodness for computers,and thank you Steve for having this website. From a grandmother of 70 years young..

  52. wright Says:

    I am giveing them sweet F*** *ll. Low life dirt bags. Hope they go to hell and spend a long painfull way getting there. I work for my money, not feed off others like a parasite. Don’t give them anything. Karma, Karma, Karma.

  53. Dennis Says:

    I also received a letter requesting payment of $27.00 check or credit card. The company title for my letter was Wilson & Associates with Scott cooper as the paying treasurer. They also sent me the “Bingo Cash Token” that represents a lot of money and I should not loose it. My plastic silver and red striped bingo coin says Mongolian Gaming Entertainment Co., LTD $500. I am eligible to a check for $99,500.00.
    I am to put the check, Button, and Transfer Instruction Form into a small envelope to MILO EXPRESS REGUS Solna Business Park
    Svetsarvagen 15.2 tr SE 171 41 Stockholm SUEDE.

  54. Terry Says:

    I just got one in the mail today,from Wilson&Associates.To send back this chip and $75.00 and in 48hrs. I get a check for 99,500.00,I’m glad I took time to google the names,I should have known if it sounds to good to be true its a scam.

  55. james Says:

    i got the same letter and a chip that has avalue of 99 ,500 i knew it was a lie but i am glad that i looked up the name also

  56. patricia davies Says:

    well well knew it was a scam but im a bingo winner woo foo yeah right milo express regus solina business park, stockholm suede, and i got this in the mail, but i did get a token to remind me not to be a fool lol

  57. Michael Says:

    Well this mob are going all out aren’t they! Just received mine today as well.

    First time I have ever seen the “Bingo Cash” token.

    Take time to read the English…it’s dreadful. Native English speakers do not write in that fashion.

    I’m keeping my token…thanks guys…LOL

  58. David Langdale Says:

    They are obviousl frauds – this time payment od $75 – cheque to be made out to MHB – same as before. Sum to be credited to my account $91,500 Dollars ! So many of these =how do they get your address – I suggest from Award Processing centre, 1401 Armour Road PO Box 21970 KANSAS CITY, MO 64121-9790 USA – others flosw in too. What a waste of paper and money !

  59. Tom Says:

    lol, i got the same, They want $55, in return i get $99,500 if only haha, if they want 2 give me that much money then just take out $500 and send me $99,000 lol, how dumb do they think people are, surely they can be stopped….

  60. Observer Says:

    Love reading about these…. here’s another (good) one!
    Can anyone find Mildura on a map without having to check the back of the atlas? I doubt it.
    Me too. I got an envelope mailed from Budapest from the enigmatic “Wilson & Associates” company telling me I’d won $99,500.
    … oh… and I got a shiny Mongolian gaming chip, too!
    All I had to do was send an equally enigmatic MHC $75 of my hard-earned…. with all my credit card details.
    As it!

    Get the buggers who do this! They have no shame and deserve nothing but prison time.

  61. sam Says:


    i just recived this leeter this morning.
    saying am the sole beneficiaries of £77,000.00, but can’t find anything on the company on the internet, is this a scam

    milo express
    regus business center
    karazicova 8/A
    821 08 bratislava

    mrs m daniels
    president of the tranfers committee

    m.g ewings
    paymaster general

    at bottom of letter, goes on about ‘easily win lots of money without working’
    persume is a book. ???

    i have been scam before, with other stuff, saiding you won money, get in 2 weeks. but never comes. one company was vital beauty , suplly vitamin and herbal remedies. in ross on wye.

  62. Rita Says:

    I sent in my $27 dollar fee, and a week later I got a check for $99,500!

    Ha ha!!!!!!! Yeah right… if only. There’s no way I would send these idiots money. 😦 These people suck. If they have so much money to be printing and mailing hundreds of thousands of these fraud letters to people, why can’t they use their money on something legit that will actual benefit people?

  63. wilco Says:

    i did a shit and posted it back .POOR POSTIES.

  64. dan Says:

    I just got one of these letters…$55 for some “…win money without working” book & get a $99,500 cheCK in 48 hours, reply within 10 days. Quite an elaborate scam & by the quality of the letter, there must be thousands of people falling for the scam. There MUST be someone out there who can stop them. I’m just a working class, married father of 6 working 2 jobs from western Sydney. $99,500 would be a gift from God, but I can’t afford flushing $55 (plus postage to Stockholm, Suede) down the dunny either. Thanks for Google & this site, hopefully people will check the ‘net before handing over hard earned cash to these Lowlife, mongrel bastards.

  65. Jim Says:

    Everybody should send them an envelope with talcum powder with a biohazard label on the envelope.

  66. laird criss Says:

    just got my offical payment report. this peter cooper can the $55.00 out of my winings and send me the balance

  67. Rachel Says:

    My dad is 80 years old and he always receives a bunch of the scams listed. He actually believes that these people will send him thousands of dollars just like that. He even puts a check in the envelope saying “please let me know when I will be recieving the money, I need it urgently”. Sometimes he doesn’t have enough to pay his bills because he gives it to these scammers and the psychics. I have shown him proof that they are scammers but he doesn’t believe me. He always has a stack of envelopes ready to be mailed each month. I don’t know what to do. We are in the red right now with so many bills that are behind. He argues with us when we tell him that these people are just trying to take your money. Can someone help me. We are afraid we are heading to bankruptcy.

    • carol Says:

      My aunt has been scammed, too, ended up losing lots of money and borrowing from my mom. Very sad. Even after this, I just had to stop my mom from sending off $35 to one of these same type scammers…showed her this site and found the address that she was to send the money to.

      About your dad, I think that he might need some psychiatric and/or medical evaluation, if possible. If he repeatedly sends money and repeatedly gets nothing, then perhaps his memory is ailing. If he refuses to go to the doctor, then I don’t know what else you can do. If your checking account were a joint one, or if you could make it a joint one, then maybe you could secretly close the account, have him keep the checks, and just tell him that this is his account dedicated to paying for his so-called pay-outs. Then open another joint checking account that is real, and tell him that this is for bills and other expenses. Maybe you could tell him that you’re separating the checking accounts because it will keep better track of his winnings versus his expenses in obtaining the winnings. I know there’s a lot of holes in this solution, like how to intercept the returned checks, etc., but if his cognitive abilities are a little off, then maybe he won’t notice something is up. I feel for you, but it’s a tricky one – all depends on if he is mentally still in tact, or why else he may be repeatedly falling for the same scam…good luck.

  68. angela doyle Says:

    i to got a letter today from wilson &associates saying there is a cheque for 69,500.00 pounds thecentre for allowances subsidies and heritage and it will be paid out by scott cooper i just looked up this site to make sure if it was true but these people really need to be stopped they r nothing but scum i to was to send it somewhere in milo ex press parkring 10 liebenberggasse 7 10-10vienna austria since reading this they will be getting no money form me

  69. Jesse Leenaerts Says:

    Thank you Steve. Thanks everyone. I was in the same boat. Thank God we’ve got each other here in Oz!! The creeps.

  70. Carol F. Anderson Says:

    Yes, I too have been played for a fool. I received the $99,500 letters, but not just for only one pond scum. Instead a received them from an entire polluted pond probably fed directly from our sewers and septic tanks. However I live in New Mexico, a small state in the U.S. The only consistent link, other than the scam itself, was that any check requested to be made out to “MHB”.
    I received letters from the following: Wilson & Associates, IPF (International Payment Fund), and an illeged attorney for a bank. The last letter I wrote to them I informed them they were crooks and they new I had previously contacted them. I sent them no money but sent Wthem copies of several of the prior letters I had sent and where I had written the dates on which I contacted them.
    Today I received another letter from “T. Wilson” with the normal gibberish about “Why haven’t you ever responded?” I have covered their letter with rather unpleasant statements and where to place it.

  71. Carol F. Anderson Says:

    (continued) For an unknown reason, perhaps this post was too long, I suddenly found myself in this next post. Anyway what I wanted to do is to tell you all of the people’s names that appeared in this tripe. The names I have are: “T. Wilson, Mr. Scott Cooper, MHB, Mr. D. Martin, and Michel Peroni”
    If ever you receive a letter from any of these people who ask for money check your bank account, your credit cards, your wallet, and run like hell.

  72. kevin dawson Says:

    I got a letter to day 23/12/10 from collins&partners practice saying they are hollding £66.500 pounds . after i looked up whom they were i found they just tryied 2 scam me, they wanted £20 from me, {they have no chance, not even my wife can get my wollet open, so wot chance have they,NONE} ps happy xmas you scamers

  73. Amy Schultz Says:

    I too have received a letter from Collins&Partners saying i have won 99,500 at a cost 2 me the modest sum of $50 i work hard for my money also & thank whom ever started this web-site because im at such a stage in my life where it is needed more than ever & its toying with me emotionally &wish someone could put these A-holes away for scamming not just elderly but hard workers,single parents etc. Thanks again to the person responsible for this info.

  74. John Huntly Says:

    I recived a very official letter from Collins and partners practice, telling me i had won $99,500.00 and it was going to give the money to me, when i paid them $55.00 for postage, etc. . The scammers are beoming so clever, the letters are so official, this is why i try to find the comapny on the net , to no success.

  75. Bahman Says:

    Hi folks, it’s been now about two months since i was first targeted by these bloody scammers. I live in Sydney, downunder and keep recieving letters fro KANSAS in US that I’ve won$15000. A week ago i recieved a letter from BUDAPEST and I was asked to send $55 to MILO EXPRESS POSTBUS 69319 1060 cj AMSTERDAM in the NETHERLANDS.
    I’m gonna write them (!!!!) OFF.

  76. Camille Says:

    Been sent a letter twice so far from Baroness de Rothman which is a scam in Durban from the Netherlands.

  77. Camille Says:

    Sent a letter once by the law firm of Maierhoff & Sons scam.

  78. Camille Says:

    Received sms fm Shell Petroleum that i had won a lottery of R2,7 scam.

  79. susieq Says:

    my mum has ben offered 69.500 from milo express they want her to send 20.00 for handling charges she is 73 and thinks this will help us all to get over our debt god bless her but as usual they play on the less well off thinking they will try their luck B@@@@@@s please be aware and thank goodness for google

  80. Alison Says:

    My Lord – thank god for Google alright… i just received one of these letters today just about to send it off before checking online.
    If in doubt, check it out….
    NSW Australia

  81. douglas Says:

    hi i have just recived from collins &partners practice saying i have won $99,500 and to send $55.00 they can go jump off the sydney harbour bridge in australia.give them nothing

  82. nick Says:

    i have a $100 chip how much is it worth and where can i exchange it for money

  83. Haskel Austin, II Says:

    I received an Airmail Letter Post from CPIC, Capital Payment Infusion Cards offering me a VISA Capital Payment Infusion Card prepaid for up tp $10,000. It requested a credit card Requisition Payment of $19.99 to be mailed to :
    POSTBUS 15
    1400AA BUSSUM Netherlands.
    I have received this type of mail from other obviously scamming operations and threy must be connected because they all address the mail to “Hasket Austin”. My name is Haskel Austin, II, but the address is correct. Any knowledge of this operation?

  84. Tony Says:

    My elderly father received a letter stating he was the beneficiary of £65,500 and was asked to send £20 and credit card details, including the three security numbers on the rear of his card to DTZ delivery Postbus 69319 1016 cj Amsterdam. This is a SCAM – do not send money or give any credit card or bank details

  85. e.t Says:

    i just received this check £66.500.00 under address DTZ delivery Postbus 69319 1016 cj Amsterdam , the netherlands is a scam. Where do this people get our information?///

  86. stephany Says:

    hello everyone i knew it was a scam when i sent the payment in for 27.00 and i just didnt feel right so i put a cancellation on the check the same day that i dropped it in the mail.So they were going to recieve a cancelled check and that it would be useless to now i recieve this letter 2mos later and they said thank you for your responce but never said anything about the cancelled check.So they sent me all types of forms and a booklet explaining that i made a wise decision to go on with the program that they offered for 250,000.Remarkable because their working over time now with all these forms,good performance.So what i am about to do is look on the enternet to find the officials in there country ,like the FBI ,and i am going to send the addressed envelope to them also with explaining about all of our disapointments and our greif that we truely did not deserve. So let us see what become of this.I will keep u posted my friends. And the one idea with the fecies sounded good but lets try this first.

  87. Sharon Sampson Says:

    OMG reading this I am now totally convinced that my sister & I have been right all along. Dad had been subscribing & sending $$$ non stop to alot of the above companies & many more. We have consistently explained to him that they are SCAMS & we have also sat & wrote various comments on the return envelopes ie REMOVE FROM MAILING LIST, NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS, PERSON DECEASED etc etc but to no avail for over 3 years now……
    My question is HOW DO WE STOP THIS?????? 99% have no contacting address or website & we are at total loss as to how to cancel his name from these various mail lists……….

  88. Andrew Says:

    We just got one today to send $55 by cheque to receive $99500.00! cant belive after reading this blog how many people are getting scammed.

  89. L davies Says:

    I received a letter to day stating that if i send $55.00 to GRINO DIRECT then i will receive $99,500.00 . What a lode of crap. SO i sent it back & i rote on the slip ( I have advised the internet police & you will be tracked down & punished to the full extent of the law). HAVE A NICE DAY……….HA!

  90. Disfunción Eréctil Says:

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    More Postal Scams « Steve’s Blog…

  91. dotacash Says:

    Probably this blog’s best writing yet..

  92. SívaToth János Says:

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  93. lanie agoyaoy Says:

    hello,, im from phillipines,,and i got a letter from CPIC,the mail came from arnhem netherlands,it says that i won a preloaded visa..worth$10,000.00 is it true?it also says i dont need to pay anything..
    is this person is real?
    KEIL M.SAVILLE-CPIC ,chairman executive committee
    RICHARD MELVILLE-v-chaitman awards committee
    they also said i need to ensure prompt processing and delivery by completing the releasefrom bond requisition,including my mandated fee worth of $19.99and mailing immediatelyin the enclosed security envelope
    is it true?or scammed?help me please

  94. nancy Says:

    I’m glad I found this sight.
    I just recieved a letter saying I won 67,600.00 guaranteed in return they want me to send 55.00. I’ve been on my comp looking for answers and came across some sights and found out that C.R.F.S Administration and financial Services can not be found, till I crossed checked the address and found this sight. THANK GOD you have a sight It saved me from sending my money away. IF IT LOOKS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE RESEARCH AND THEN MAKE YOUR MIND UP!!!!!!! this letter,s address was is Action Services postbus 69319 1060 cj Amsterdam The Netherlands.
    AND I’m from Canada

  95. katey Staffordshire Says:

    Add another company to your list. Anderson & co – £69,500 plus bonus £37500. – cost £30 instead of £75 to be sent to GDS – Action Service Gerlocszy Utca 7 H -1052 Budapest Hongrie.

    Also Our Life BP10250 – 1070 Anderlecht Mail Belgium
    Best Of B>P> 10009 -1400 Nivelles Belgium
    Star shopping P.O.Box 9638 Clonchaugh Dublin 17 Ireland.
    All send similar catalogues and advise you have won £15.500
    send order and cheque will come with goods – NOTHING ARRIVES

  96. lucky Says:

    Useful resource…

    This was one of the most relevant posts I read on the subject…

  97. betsy Says:

    guess they have a new scam now was looking into the address and found ur blog . now called a company HR payments inc. has return address of canada but came from the one listed above, (budapest). now offering free gifts of a TV Camera, Ipod or jewelry, or stereo for filling out survey. looks like they gave themselves a new name and new scam. didn’t ask for $ though just want u to verify address.?

  98. Rol Pam Says:

    I had received a letter telling me that I won a preloaded VISA card of $10,000.00 The Logo is CPIC (Capital Payment Infusion Cards) with a return address of Postbus 128, 6800AC ARNHEM, NETHERLANDS. Their is a claim requisition form that I have to enclosed an amount of $19.99 fee for additional entry implementation and processing. Is this a scam? Thanks!

  99. John Says:

    I was also told I had won £66,500.00.
    As I was a pensioner and the money would come in very handy, although I couldn,t afford £30. Please feel free to take it out of my winnings, I,am still waiting for the cheque.

  100. Raven Says:

    i recieved a letter saying i have won 99,500 dollars and all i need to do is send 40 dollar check to Trans Europe Budapest! Yea right! Blow it out your ass!

  101. John W. Sams Says:

    Somb%#@;”:hs just scammed me I sent them fu&$4#@:;ers $40.00 dollars and they want me to send them $27.00 dollars to receive the check for $ 99,800. Well they can kiss a GORILLAS A$$$& on a corner while taking a dump. I wish there was a way to scam them to get my money back and then some. I will trash all letters from them and anyone else who are scammers.

  102. Valerie Says:

    Received same letter, no contact info at all. Total scam. If you win money you shouldn’t have to pay to get it.. They go by C.A.S.H. Wanting $55.00 for $99,500.00. I call bullshit. Where in the hell do they get our names and addresses. something should be done to stop this innocent people are being ripped off.

  103. Ramon Turner Says:

    Thet tried to get me too. They can BITE ME!!!

  104. Kathleen a. Centuolo Says:

    Tons from throughout the world.

    The Netherlands, for me takes the lead. If you need to send any money…Trust me you are a victim.

    Promises by the Hundreds. Give your money to charity and help others.

  105. william stander Says:

    i received a notice that i am to be paid $95,000 from national finance center in amsterdam postmarked budapest. how stupid do they think we are?
    isn’t it time the fbi or interpol ivestigate these theives.

  106. Ron Michel Says:

    Ron Michel says;
    after reading these blogs about these low-lifes! I to received the same fancy letters, with all these stamps and signatures and congratulations, and of course no return address or business, but low and behold from HU 1087 Hungary, Budapest. Same thing send $50 to receive 99,500. I live in Saskatchewan. on the other side of the world and to reply in 10 days. wow! that letter wouldn’t even make it there in time, since it hast to fly there and go through customs and then delivered whenever with no garantees to make it there within 10 days. Canada Post gave me that puzzled look and said where is it going to, and by 10 days! they laughed too! I said then file it under G for garbage. thanks so much to you’s all for looking out for each other. but reading these responses from you’s from all over the world was the best laughing medicine I have enjoyed in a long time! you made me fell like a millioniare just knowing this info so thanks and lets keep it going till these crooks get there dues. because one day someone is going to be waiting at this mail box for them when they pick up theses letters! and I would pay $50 to be there when it happens!

  107. Barb Says:

    I received a letter saying i won…99,500.00 and need to send them GDS..I am freom Cambridge, Ontario and i have been receiving alot of letters from all sorts of phychics from the Netherlands..I did send $55 once and to some female phychic with only a first name that started with the letter S..and never received anything else from her since..I even gave her the stuff back she sent me and like some kind of lucky charm..along with a letter saying i want my money back and nothing since..that has been over 6 months ago now..Its a HUGE scam people..These people behind all of this should be ashamed of themselves..They will be punished for this one way or another..All i know is its a crazy world out there..Be Careful!!!

  108. trevor williams Says:

    i received one that seadi hadea guaranteed 20.500.690 wot a plonker alison ash must think we were all born yesterday so i am seendig reply back saying please give to charity as iv got lodes with thanks p.s post to be paid at that end

  109. kelly grant Says:

    my partner had a letter today saying he won 60.500 and he thought it looked good but i looked it up on the net and they said it was a secondary and last change letter. wish we had that sort of money to and we are only a young couple

  110. Dee Williams Says:

    I’ve received 2 or 3 letters now from Collins & Partners’ Practice saying I’ve won large amounts of money and I just need to send them a cheque to receive the money. Their latest letter says I’ve won £69,500.00 and I just need to send them £30 for the money transfer. I’ve never sent them anything and it helped a lot to read all your comments

  111. Ann Says:

    Received the same letter from Collins & Patrners’ Practice. Confirmation of a Guaranteed Payment of $99,500.00 with a cheque request for $55.00 to receive these funds. Return envelope address is “Direct Unit” Postbus 69319, 1060 cj Amsterdam The Netherlands.

  112. Kathy Says:

    I also received a letter from Collins & Partners today asking for $40 to be sent for the pmt amount of $99.500 my letter came from Budapest!! so it seems they are all over the world. Whenever I get something like this I go on line to look up for the scam related to it. AND…sure enough yet another scam. I think I get one of these kind of things in the mail at least 4 per month from different sources. It is amazing.

  113. parvezmehta Says:

    I was sent a letter, Wilson & Associates- Experts Specialised in Secure in International Financial Transactions, Paying Treasurer- Mrs Scott Cooper:
    Despatch motive: Payment in your Benefit-Money ($) Transfer to be made- Irrevocable Payment Notice.
    Account No. concerned:003390233, Transfer No N CHQ/290405-EE
    This relates to an The Netherlands Orginazation.

    What I would like to know if this is a Geniuen Firm or some Scam organization,working for International Secure Money Transfer Centre ( I.S.M.T.C.)

  114. Dale houp Says:

    It looks like the same M.O. with this later letter from Wilson & Associates/Scott Cooper, treasurer. I didn’t see this address listed on your list though. The envelope is {Logistic Pro} Gerlocszy Utca 7,H-1052 Budapest
    HONGRIE. They even gave me a four card draw with the option of compounding my $99,500.00! With my winning cards of 4-aces, my award went up to $9,950,00.00! WOW! Is there that much money in Budapest! And all that just for a $40.00 fee! Thank GOD for the internet because he produced the humans, that in turn developed the minds, that ultimately invented the World Wide Web.
    I just wish all the unsuspecting elderly that get scammed by this crap didn’t happen.

    • Maylene Dixon Says:

      I received a letter from wilson & Associates just today saying DOLLARS – CASH Scratch the box opposite to discover the No: of your Ticket and Multiply up to 10,000 The sum of the Certified Check that is due to you ! With 4 playing cards with AAAA I was just thinking that I’ll send everything back as is with a letter telling M.Scott Cooper saying that he should find a other job quick before it’s to late than he should think twice before tricking people out of there money and sending nothing in return I supose it’s not Scott’st mistake it might be the only Vacancy he could reply for but I do thing he could so much better than the job he has now.P.s what do you think I should do send everything back or just leave well enough alone. Thanks 4 taken the time to read my letter take care to all readers – from JUST WONDERING WHAT I SHOULD DO 24/8/2012

  115. stevedowne Says:

    Just throw it away as if you reply they will know the address they have for you is correct and they will sell the address on and sadly the more scam you will get from the other out there

  116. Peter Kojak Says:

    I have been getting these Scam Letters for years but they seem to have upt the anti.
    I now return the same with the money they ask for sometimes totaling thousand’s. I can’t continue much longer as all the kids Monopoly Game money is gone!
    The kid’s, (bless their devious souls) even draw and paint Horrible and disgusting pictures on their forms. Oh’ God bless them.

  117. meilleure banque Says:

    These are truly fantastic ideas in about blogging. You have touched
    some nice points here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  118. Ruth Jepson Says:

    Thanks for this blog. It is the best. I was receiving 10 to 18 of these scam letters every day. One day I received one with a “no postage required envelope enclosed” So I took all of the info from all of the letters and put it in that envelope and mailed it back with a letter stating that I wanted all such letters stopped. Now I am receiving one or two a week.
    The other thing that I have done is sent back there letters inside of their envelope with the word “Scam” written on their letter.
    Please keep this blog going. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that is receiving scam mail.
    Thank you.

  119. annie falconer Says:

    Hi Annie says;
    I also recieved a letter from wilson&associates for a cheque amount 99,500 thankyou for all the information about these scumbags and us down under need to get together and do something about these arsholes ,paybacks can be a real bitch and i was taught were there a will there’s a way , so put our heads together and fix this once and for all. thanks heaps Townsville

  120. Malia Says:

    Wow! I received a letter in the mail saying that I won a unique “Bingo Cash” token in the amount of $99,500.00. The letter said that an immediate reduction of $150.00 has been granted to me and all I had to pay was $40.00 to get the check within 48 hours. This letter indicated Wilson & Associates, the return envelope was addressed to Logistic Pro
    Gerlocszy Utca 7
    H – 1052 Budapest

    It’s unfortunate that this world is full of dishonest crooks. I feel that they should be held accountable for misrepresentation. I’m just glad that this site exist because I was once taken for $20. and received nothing in return as they had promised. I learned from my mistake and I can only hope that you won’t be the next victim.
    Something needs to be done….

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  123. Deborah Says:

    I have sent them letters and told them they could take $500.00 out of my winnings and send me the rest. Ain’t it funny I have never received anything back. There all scams!! If you have to pay for it to get your winnings it is a scam.
    My latest is someone calling my phone gives his name and tells me he is with PCH and that I have won a million dollars and a Cadillac and that I need to get to Wal-Mart right away and purchase a green paper card for 300.00 but tells me I will give it back, he has called 3 times each time using a different name and number but I recognized his voice. Last time he called I informed him you don’t have to pay anything to get your winnings especially with PCH and to not ever call again. So far he hasn’t called again

  124. William Pinkerton in Nevada Says:

    Yes its the shits when you know that you do have some winnings out there and these S.O.Bs jump in there with reply right now or you lose what you have all ready won and the transfer fee is any where from 30 dllars to 350.00 so I know how much they have taken from me thank you all for writeing in and saying what you did from Bill

  125. Tony .... Australia Says:

    Its a world wide SCAM no way do you pay anyone to release winnings, first off one must buy a ticket time these buggers were closed down and jailed.
    Stick with your local lotto shop hand over the money take the ticket if your a winner regardless of prize lotto contacts you via phone, then you must produce the ticket you have bought ,pays to register your ticket free of charge so if you lose it you still get paid ,if not registerd go back to any lotto outlet and they will check the ticket for you. Ignore post letters or phone calls asking for money up front ITS A SCAM.

  126. Georgietta Chock Says:

    i, too, have been receiving the same letter from Wilson & Associates with a gift and the amt I’ve won in the gift $129,000 and all I have to do is send them through a company called TIPP SERVICE $40.
    I believe most of these scams are coming out of the Nigera. They have a hugh group of people that are located in various areas within the USA and abroad so they keep changing their telephone numbers and are now using women, but they all sound alike. We have reported them to the local Honolulu Police and the FBI with all the telephone numbers and have also blocked a few of the numbers. No matter how ugly you get with these people, they continue to call in the a.m. and p.m. We’ve put up with them for well over two (2) years, but the calls are now infrequent. Thank God for the internet and all the listings. Thank you all for your help. We will survive these invaders. Happy Holidays to all.

  127. Tony Says:

    Our elderly neighbour has asked us to collect her mail and we help her out a lot, we discoverer she was sending heaps of cheques out to USA (kentucky) CANADA, Denmark, Austria, Hong Kong. An envelop supplied to post a cheque , there were various amounts for service and sending the so call win to her.. I explained to her not to send any more cheques as they were just scams.
    When I pointed out such and such a letter was a scam before she opened it, She could not understand how I know.
    Just look at the stamp mark easy give away also place of postage seeing she new no one from these country’s. She is 87 and not aware of these scams.
    I say over the past few months I have saved her around 500 dollars . we now scrutinise all her mail an average of 4 a week are binned. some letters are so demanding intimidating and frighting to an elderly person. god help them if I were to meet them face to face.

  128. Elinor Bailis Says:

    First let me say thank you for all your input! I composed an elaborate letter asking all kinds of questions the same as some I’ve read. They have a new approach now rolling a piece of paper with an amount from a beneficiary in a certain given time or I will lose it. They crossed out a figure I sould send for “fees” and said it was free. I told them to take out the “fee” from the bonus I was promised and send me the balance. I now feel as you all do it is a scam and not worth the postage to ask anything…if they scam then they are liars and not worth my time to give them a second thought. There should be punishment, a fine and or time in prison for jail fraud. I believe there is some kind of law using the postal department to get money from naive folks. So they put a trinket in the mail with the transfer paper and beat the law by doing that. Karma is real and they will get the money to pay their mortgage and if there is really payback they will come home to find it’s paid for but it just burned down or it flooded and it’s gone…or just maybe they’ll be run a steam roller..Yes I’m angry but I’ll be careful and remember when you deal with monsters payback could make me a monster as well. Knowledge is education and we just have to learn and make the right choices. God bless and be well! Remember the commandments, practice them and make them your mantra each and every day. Your friend

  129. Twigs Says:

    I have been inundated with mail from a company called TIPP Service, Gerlocszy Utca 7, H-1052 Budapest They stated I had won £129,500.00, £99,500.00,& £69,500.00. Today I have received another letter but this time it is from Wilson & Associates wishing to pay me by transfer but I must reply within 10 days and send a cheque for £30.

    I was pleased when I came across your postal scams blog on google. I just needed that one piece of proof and you have given it to me. This letter will join the other letters, in the bottom of the dustbin!

    Thank you Steve, Thank goodness for blogs like yours.

  130. Doug Says:

    Yep. They are still rolling. Looks like they are starting to hit the US again (Still hitting, will have been hitting?) anyway. Here is a link to the US Postal Inspector site for filing complaints:

    These things are always scams. Report them and maybe they will go away.

  131. angela Says:

    just got back from england visiting my elderly father & found one of these stupid letteres in his post (his mail has been redirected for 2 years now & this junk is still getting thought)
    but glad to see that it is up on this site

  132. anna Says:

    I’ve received one using a mixture of the above names in the main body of the letter, I.F.T.B in top left corner, offering 99.500 if I send 30 quid, not likely! England Feb 2013

    Looks like with all the money they scammed they’ve had 3 years off! Can see posts before mine from 2010.

  133. Shelley, England Says:

    Just been offered £99,500.00, Seemed fishy coz no contact details at all, but several different firms involved inc. International Financial Board, GDS and CASH. Couldnt find any info on internet except this blog….thanks steve. Nice dream for about 5 mins! At least I didnt lose owt.

  134. Katy Says:

    As above, been offered £99,500 all i have to do is send cheque for a reduced rate of £30. i searched for the various addresses i has and couldn’t find anything except this. I though it was too good to be true. if i really had that amount due to me surely they would take their administration costs from the winnings!!!!

  135. Ceudiel Alberto Galan Says:

    Thanks so mouch for yuor information

  136. Cephus Says:

    Received a letter from DTZ Delivery, Gerloczy Utca 7, H-1052 Budapest, Hungary. It came with 2 push-button gadgets. When I push the button on both they show my amount won was $129,500.00. All I needed to send was $40 (75% reduction fee) via check or bank card. I was never going to send any money but now I am not going to reply at all. My initial response was to send in the G.T.A.. Form with the words ” will pay upon receipt of funds”. A total waste of my time.Thanks for your help!

  137. Mary Says:

    got some to here in Bradenton Fl. don’t ever go for this that come to you on your PC or Mail. there neve a winner. they are nuts just looking for someone to be as nuts as they are, hope you are not, you will lose your money,

  138. austria capital city Says:

    It’s an remarkable piece of writing designed for all the web visitors; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

  139. cs 1.6 aimbot Says:

    What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable knowledge on the topic of unexpected feelings.

  140. Loretta Says:

    Received a letter from Inter Speed Postbus 69319 1060 cj Amsterdam The Netherlands saying that if I send them $55 they will rush me $99,500 within 48 hrs. I realize this is a scam but how do I get my name off of their mailing list?

  141. Colin Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >More Postal Scams | Steve’s Blog <Loved it!

  142. Carolyn C Williams Says:

    Carolyn Williams, 71 year old widow.
    received Wilson & Associates letter today, to be sent back within 10 days with $40.00 to receive 131,550.00 and a bonus o 7,590.00 for responding. I just typed in their name, and up popped all of these people that they have tried to scam. I too hope they rot in hell. I have very little per month to live on and more people like me being seniors are believing this and sending their money. It is a shame and a dishonor, I hope they acre caught. Thanks for this site, because I considered sending it, because I am getting ready to have surgery and really need a blessing.

  143. lori conley Says:

    i hate the people behind making & sending out letters like this. there are so many people out of work and in need of so much these days. i really fell for all the people who responded to letters like these. i no if it were up to me , i would put them to work in a homeless shelter working 12 hr. a day, 6 days a week , with no pay at all for 2 yrs .and have to wear some type of hat so that everyone would no that , that person was and still could be the kind of person that can and would take money from people who are in need…………… dont they have family ,or a heart ? i think not !!!!!!! karma is a bitch …. and there lucky i dont no where i can find them , cause i really would reach out & touch them……..those mother fu__ers better duck !!! my mother & i have been on this ride way to long , dam it !!! f_ck you wilson & associates And my mom says FU_K YOU TOO !!

  144. james Says:

    I like many of your readers have been bombarded with same type of letters and much coming from the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Hungary and Kansas of course. Thanks for your blog as I can vent my frustration with this nonsence. My shredder works overtime.

  145. Adrian Says:

    Well what can I say, I buy storage units at the auctions and I found some stones as payments for gains, then I found a letter from Collins& partners practice, so now I know this poor guy got screwed a lot I have many stones

  146. Tina Says:

    Tina Says:

    Received a letter from Anderson & C, with no sender address on it. It came with a bracelet. Inside of bracelet, it shows my amount won was $129,500.00 and Pin code. There is also a bonus amount of $5,294.00. All I needed to send was $57 via credit card, check or cash. I was never going to send any money but now I am not going to reply at all. Return envelope has this address: Trans Europe, Gerloczy Utca 7, H-1052 Budapest, HONGRIE. I’ve asked the Postal Service about this address on the return envelope and she said that there is no such address. Thank God that I did not reply this at all. This is a scam but how do I get my name off of their mailing list.

  147. mr Barrie Braidford Says:

    I know of a local laboratory, where under very strict security, there are many lethal organisms, including Anthrax spores. pity we couldn’t get some to put in the return envelopes, Wipe them all out, yippee.

  148. Says:

    I have received a letter with a plastic card stating they have a cheque for me for £131,550.00 and I am to return the GPA form duly signed with a
    cheque for £40 plus £4 for priority treatment. There are several letters enclosed with the heading of WILSON & ASSOCIATES.

    I get so many of such letters and post cards from America Hong Kong and many from different Companies many from The Netherlands. Why cannot these scams be stopped, older people are so vulnerable and have lossed lots of money they cannot get back.

    Where is law to stop all this.

    I do hope [people read these letters to prove the scams that asre operating..

    Mary Jane Hemmings

  149. Rod Bearden Says:

    My mother received a plastic card for $131,550.00. I told her to reply to them, I authorise you to deduct the $75.00 from the total of the check, and just for your trouble, keep an extra $200.00 for your self, and send her the balance. She has not heard back.

  150. Wordpress Armor Scam | Secret Internet Marketing Blog Says:

    […] More Postal Scams – Steve’s Blog | Just another WordPress … – Feb 17, 2010 · Royal Mail HQ16548 Vital Beauty and also Swiss Home Shopping UK address is PO Box 283, Romsey SO51 0WF, I believe this UK address is a mail …… […]

  151. T. F. Armbruster Says:

    Notice rec’d 1/9/2015 from TIPP Service, Postbus 69319, 1060 cj Amsterdam, The Netherlands for a transfer of $129,500 to my account plus a guaranteed bonus of $5,294. A fee of $55 is required for handling etc. A ‘special’ pin code and the amount to be transferred shown on a rubber bracelet. They are still at it!

  152. Sue Anne Says:

    TIPP Service, Postbus 69319, 1060 cj Amsterdam, The Netherlands – IF2M International Foundation of Multi-millionaires.
    Claims that I have won $131,500.00. Make a check to GDS of $55.00 to fast track winnings. Yep scam alright!

    • ganderly Says:

      same here exactly so we know currently whats up with these scammers to the present.My mother is 92 years old and deeply into these scams thinking they are real.By request from my family members I quit my job and moved over 2000 miles to return to my home town to help my mom and also to intercept the mail as she cannot deliver it herself, she has me do it for her and I just rip it up. For the last 9 months since I moved here I have ripped up dozens of cheques totaling over 5000 dollars ,not to mention the cost of replacing cheques and buying stamps which is still a loss but at least those bastards are not receiving the money my mom so desperately needs.I have a difficult time dealing with this problem and want to do something about it. Was thinking of phoning the RCMP to see if maybe they could drop over to my moms place and just tell her the truth via an investigation.This is way beyond anyone in the family s influence to convince her that it is a scam as she believes they will send her the money.

      These are just a few I compiled below for the record that are definitely scams without question:

      TIPP Services
      Postbus 69319
      1060 cj Amsterdam
      The Netherlands

      BP 10001
      2530 BOECHOUT

      DTZ delivery
      Gerloczy utca 7
      H-1052 Budapest

      PO Box 49
      3980 CA Bunnik
      The Netherlands

      PO Box 293
      NL-5201 AG s’ Hertogenbosch
      The Netherlands

      Postbus 4075
      5004 JB Tilburg
      The Netherlands

  153. Lesley Says:

    The Wilson and associates scam has reached Canada. They are trying to contact the deceased prior owner of my home. Disgusting she was an elderly lady in her 90’s. Return addy is in Budapest.
    DTZ Delivery
    Gerloczy utea 7
    H-1052 Budapest

  154. Steve hb Says:

    Back in the UK again this time the return address is,
    DTZ Delivery
    DMOM-PO BOB, :358
    111 21 PRAHA 1

  155. RES Says:

    Just received one from Express Club. The address is PO Box 4126, 1620 HC Hoorn, The Netherlands. Supposedly won 30,000.00 and I am the only one that was sent letter.
    I live in the U.S.

  156. Yvon Says:

    I received a job offer from
    Theresa Harrison, HR Manager
    Start-Agency, Inc.
    Office Park 1, 1300
    Wien, Austria

    Do you think this is a scam? Email me a response

  157. Kathleen Isaac Says:

    to day i got another on from the same address and one name has come up with a photo alice doutey president of committee of national gains

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